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#tbt to 4 years ago exploring Azadi Square at sunrise in Tehran, Iran. Definitely one of …
RT @ImranKhanPTI: The more impediments placed along the way, the larger the crowds get at Azadi square. Yesterday's sea of ppl.
RT @ImranKhanPTI: Inspirational people power at Azadi Square. The people have spoken for Naya Pakistan & Insaf.
RT @ImranKhanPTI: Visiting our camps around midnight in Azadi square. Link to my talk in the square
RT @ImranKhanPTI: Today Azadi Square dharna was dedicated 2 Persons with Physical Disabilities. We want them 2 realise their potential.
@marde_sabze کاملاً شرقی-غربیه اتفاقاً!
پرایدِ اینقدر لایی کشید، پشت چراغ پلیس ایست داد 🤗 (@ Azadi Square in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan)
قشنگم چرا خاموشی؟ (@ Azadi Square in Tehran)
دنبال آبجیه (@ Azadi Square in Yazd)
IK renames D chowk as Azadi square..what if TUQ insists its inqilab square?"
برم ديگه (@ Azadi Square in Tehran)
خوش باش و‌ میندیش که مهتاب بسی اندر سر خاک یک به یک خواهد تافت @ Azadi Square
I'm at Azadi Square in Isfahan
I'm at Azadi Square | میدان آزادی in Tehran
old memories INTERVIEWING IMRAN KHAN AT THE AZADI SQUARE @mubasherlucman @DrAyesha4
بياد برف (@ Azadi Square | میدان آزادی in Tehran)
I was running to the azadi square but you're not here! Perhaps you're sleeping in this darkness.where are u exactly?
I'm at Azadi Square Metro Station | ایستگاه مترو میدان آزادی in Tehran
I'm at Azadi Square | میدان آزادی in Yazd