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Sering Pusing karena Banyak Bergaul dengan Teknologi alias Radiasi? Ayo Miliki KALUNG Kesehatan Aura Energy TIENS. Bisa DIBUKTIKAN !
@Ayo_Dom You're not wrong. 🤔
RT @ant_spindola: Ayo and Teo: Blue face Rolly red face Rolly aye Me: Purple face Rolly like some teletubbies aye https://t.co/GEJIr8FlrG
@Kookbtz om mau jadi babunya seven?? Iya ayo om.
RT @scottysavv: Ctfu my mans said what's good. Not "ayo I'm trying to fuck" what he hadda get curved for ? https://t.co/4j8g08EigU
RT @AnaSofaKingCoo: I was thinking about this when I saw Logan https://t.co/Xkb6OniZ0h
ayo follow noldirahman *
ayo follow noldirahman *3
ayo follow noldirahman *
ayo follow noldirahman *3
RT @ClothingBrands_: "i have no tits" crop top. 😻🔥 Use code ''BestSale'' for 10% off GET @ https://t.co/PvZRJlN1U3 https://t.co/Liavs5d3Rt
RT @KlNKYJIMIN: *chanyeol's voice* "AYO WHAT UP KREASE" https://t.co/KX7FUI7dJc
RT @vibeables: idc i have trust issues and think everyone is full of shit lol
RT @iSlimfit: For our own benefit, Nigerians need to stay woke and pay more attention to the Senatorial elections come 2019. We can't continue this way.
一番線千国行5:50 二番線加蔵行5:50発車です。
@IconicTheGoat ayo am i considered for HG? been tryna know all day man. i played yall twice and did my job, and did it wellllll.... lmk
RT @Gwennyyy___: I love my life and everybody in it
RT @HotSahkee: Y'all gotta learn how to work the deals in your areas.
RT @_kaicealea: ayo mix some castor & peppermint oil warm that shit up put it on ur scalp leave it in over night then rinse it out & thank me inna morning