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RT @creyesjr75: I got Aveline de Grandpré from "Assassin's Creed III: Liberation"! Which “Assassin’s Creed” via @AwesomeRingerud
26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults via @greenring
RT @foreignchy: I hate when dudes call their girlfriends their "bitch" smh 🙄
RT @virtualpapi: i love twitter because everyone is real af, instagram is like "look how great my life is" while twitters like "i want to die, here's a meme"
RT @femalebook: me n my friends pay for each other's meals n other things without expecting money back lol that's how it should be
RT @hellosophiaaa: forever comparing myself to others and destroying my own self esteem
i bought best of "the police" and "sting" this evening . now i'm awesomer .
RT @JudasDiamonds: Gaga improvised the whole thing. Come back to me when your fav will be able to do that xo
RT @genaths25: Little Monsters, congrats on #iHeartAwards nomination! 💖 Tweet #LittleMonsters #BestFanArmy & #iHeartAwards to vote…
RT @Nicagboi21: Monsters n Gaga are Forever. RT for @ladygaga RT = 1 Vote #MonsterFamily #iHeartAwards #Littlemonsters #BestFanArmy
RT @ladygaga: Little Monsters, congrats on your #iHeartAwards nomination! 💖 Tweet #LittleMonsters #BestFanArmy & #iHeartAwards to…
RT @thisisjazzz: I came across this on tumblr :')
RT @hellosophiaaa: if i pause my music to watch your snapchat story you must be pretty damn important
@babyouremyqueen but you're awesomer ✨ (not a word)