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I can't settle on an avi I hate drama
RT @krxus: とりあえずAviだけです(´・ω・`) @ Ass_Leaf #Radar1stRc https://t.co/XNZg2ksGSv
my avi is back to emma so... you’re welcome lol
@magyarsky4432 お大事にです(´・ω・)
RT @mariloves10year: My circle picture thingy aka avi I look really kool in this pic lol think I took it at glamor shots 📸 https://t.co/NfxPW8DmlU
RT @PondHockeyPro: Excuse me ma'am, sorry but your dick avi followers are showing. Tuck them in.
@najat_ashaka Ok, I just viewed ur AVI and I realized I know you
RT @dude_excel: Pls the lady on my Avi i am promoting her brand (natural hair ) Don't message me Telling me you like my smile 😖😖😖
Dumping em here Jammboy presents : earsnrhymes.avi https://t.co/eNgXJMXlbr
RT @ZinogreVolt: The moment Miho becomes my avi there's suddenly a bunch of iM@S art on the tl
RT @icedoutomnitrix: if ur face isnt in ur avi ur tweets are automatically funnier
Ganda ng boses ni avi isnsisnzjhsjsjsjjsjs
@NijeniX Yea but u change ur avi too much so people forgot You were fused Zamasu and That purple haired dude from Magi back then
RT @Espochi16: Revamp for @ Ma1L_0319 aviはめちゃくちゃスピーディーに作りました!笑 plz rt&fav!!! https://t.co/nJjzrbu8Iy
RT @icedoutomnitrix: if ur face isnt in ur avi ur tweets are automatically funnier
RT @Deganna: Fastest player to change their profile bio and already had a pic for his Avi... Makes me happy that he's excited to… https://t.co/QCU5IUeKdO
RT @okyanus_un_sesi: M✓avi )şiirler yazıyorum istanbul A✓şk'ın kalbimde ki resmini çiziyorum (mavi)ne V✓apurlara konan martılara sesleni… https://t.co/WEZbCvc4D8