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@bigswole5757 I think it’s a solid argument but, if you’re talking about one stop, guys like Avery Bradley, Oladipo… https://t.co/ysHuEeMgw2
@TylerIAm when they get Avery Bradley and Mike/Miles Bridges>>>>>>>>
Avery Bradley has been traded for Isaiah Canaan and a player to be named later, league sources tell ESPN.
RT @therealistjulez: If Steve Balmer can somehow get Leonard on the squad we can be contenders again. Pat Beverly, Avery Bradley man the… https://t.co/EdzPV49cUZ
If Steve Balmer can somehow get Leonard on the squad we can be contenders again. Pat Beverly, Avery Bradley man the… https://t.co/EdzPV49cUZ
@JayEl54 Avery Bradley *** going against Avery Bradley in practice ***
@Romethe2nd That’s true, I take our bigs for granted and we really have a very positionless system under brad Steve… https://t.co/swoyUYPr2j
@philpapi_ Damn, Kyrie played for Celtics last year? Avery Bradley must be out with a injury huh? Crowder a Part Ti… https://t.co/UAhoAqiZVe
@celtics Hurt to lose Avery Bradley when he was brought in, but it is very hard not to love the fire, energy, and t… https://t.co/Lbf0pfY9OU
Quand notre bon début de saison était grâce à Avery Bradley >>>>
RT @sdtrojansoccer: Great win tonight for your Trojan soccer squad. 5-0 over Bradley Central. Goals by Gavin, Avery, Bryce, Rony, and… https://t.co/NVXVXJrqxk
Would've never predicted it before the move is announced.....United cleaning up SMFH https://t.co/ZR2xrm4lPT Avery… https://t.co/Xp6ciPg5dJ
@JBrunskowski4 Mitchell prob would have backed up Avery Bradley and maybe played 15 minutes per game meanwhile he s… https://t.co/JU2zQjiHJU
if only 10 teams have max cap space, does Aaron Gordon still see a max offer? I’d say yes. LeBron James Kevin Dura… https://t.co/IhU7IbPuFe
Remember when they asked Terry Rozier if he was afraid he was getting traded like IT and Avery Bradley .. the nigga… https://t.co/pXiwKTSFtQ
I love this team. Jaylen Brown last year in the playoffs was fighting for minutes with Avery Bradley, now he’s aver… https://t.co/CIpyfxBs7R
@DJ_Bean Has there ever been a more overrated nba player? This guy genuinely sucks, but he’s surrounded by the righ… https://t.co/3Rh8Zn1oiU
RT @Mike_Dyer13: Avery Bradley for Marcus Morris was a massive win for the Celtics and it was only Ainge's 3rd best trade of last su… https://t.co/76FhWRX7aV
My only problem with with them is neither defend so If that’s goin be the case u need a bigger 2 guard who can guar… https://t.co/TeYohiKTZY
Hay para quien ya ha terminado la temporada 2017-18. ¿Significa eso un nuevo comenzar? ¿Otro más? https://t.co/BLEc7k0FYd
RT @AdamMKaufman: 2017-18 stats: Avery Bradley, in 46 games (all starts) for #Pistons/#Clippers: 14.3 PTS, 2.5 REB, 2 AST, 1.1 STL,… https://t.co/O4ZVFFIoE7
@YungStunna05 Good defender but is he better than Avery Bradley, Klay, Marcus Smart, Lowry, Roberson or Oladipo? I don’t think so.
That’s still Avery Bradley in my book
Clippers' Avery Bradley being pursued by San Antonio Spurs [Stein]: https://t.co/mzFvCOdl7L via @YouTube
New post (NBA's Avery Bradley Paid Big Money to Silence Sexual Assault Accuser, Denies Allegation) has been publish… https://t.co/JSBh8Y6gEA