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@ladybreha Like from young avengers???
@AVENGERS_KN1 大根と鶏肉うまかった。 ちなみに今学校で昼ごはんに野菜スティックとおにぎり一つ食べてる(足りない)
Lets Start A Real Life Avengers & Make About 5 Or 6 Iron Man Suits & Fix & Unite The World. Get Everyone Living Well & Safely.
@Crocky_God IM2, IM3, Thor 2, and Both Avengers movies are well below it IMO.
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@phil_pierre311 but they have to introduce lord zed .. if they do it right .. it could be like avengers man
RT @UKiddie: อ้าวเห้ย !! ผัวเมียกันป่าวเนี่ย เพิ่งสังเกตุนาคีนางมี infinity stones รีบจับเข้า AVENGERS ด่วน !! #นาคี https://t.co/IJt19oUAPB
@drawmuky loki pode ter um exercito os avengers podem ter o hulk mas o que importa mesmo e eu ter vc
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Avengers 3 Infinity War Features Hulk vs Groot Fight? https://t.co/RwpejVo0I7
Corgi Avengers Will Defend The Earth With Cuteness #Avengers https://t.co/SYbmZZ3yIz
@neontaster the old avengers, the cartoons and comics, ironman, hulk and thor were your grand dads super heroes, they were lame and old.
Lesbian Avengers Keeps Fighting, 25 Years On - Curve Magazine https://t.co/RDfw2OnEEa
Watching this avengers cartoon wit my son 🙄🙄 only cuz he asked me too
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Congrats @ChrisEvans on being in the top 10. You beat out a lot of your co-avengers. WOO HOO! https://t.co/qxKzp05tMp
@neontaster I don't get how spiderman and xmen started shitting the bed and the avengers became the awesome thing. I hated the avengers...
That would kill me in the context of the Avengers so now I want a comic where Mr.
perfect date....but no gf...... i cry https://t.co/pnDB93kRxf
Tonight Cooper read a Curious George and an Avengers story. #gersonreads https://t.co/bX7GDJoE07
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RT @NATALlAROMAN0VA: me before watching avengers for the first time: "i really don't like superheroes, they're lame" me after 2 minutes… https://t.co/0kMzBD1Ja5
@SufferingSappho I remember you were one of the first Caps I followed, Avengers was the turning point for that fandom XD
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