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Siempre he sido muy fan de las chuletillas de cordero #galicia #food #potato #autumn #cooking
RT @omimochi: 『村一番の美女が、街にやって来た色男と駆け引きをするうちに、正常な判断が出来なくなって恋に落ちる。しかし男は女を突き放して次の街へ』 これが10話で、ダンス対決の駆け引きでヴィクを落としてから記憶を捨てて日本に帰った勇利こそ男側なのですってネタばらしされた感がとてもよかった。
Madilyn Bailey - Survive - Performance by Autumn Miller (On iTunes and Spotify) - YouTube
Krasnodar, Russia. On one of the autumn afternoons in the city #autumn #background #city
I wish I could take a nap until Christmas break🙄
Seki: So when are you coming here? Me: Planning to go next autumn. Supposed to go like tomorrow? Lol yeahhh that was the initial plan😂
RT @Vereniceeeee: This is a DEADASS ✔️ every hashtag on point 😂
As Autumn Swiftly Approaches The Twilight Hour And Daylight Escapes From Darkness. Theres Many Things To Consider,…
RT @HuntersExeter: Autumn Statement reaction – Comments from Hunters Managing Director Glynis Frew
RT @Uchoten2_EN: December at Shimogamo Shrine (Kyoto). The time when autumn beauty shows up. #uchouten #eccentric #kyoto
People think I'm kidding when I say I'm not settling for anyone who doesn't think the sun shines out my ass!🙃
RT @TottoriFashion: Snap No.20 撮影場所 / 鳥取太平線通り商店街 山根 麻亜耶 「AUTUMN + RED」 #snap #fashion #鳥取 #学生
@tyrantnias あざっす! いやいやw他の方々のほうがよっぽど凄いですってw
"Autumn in Space" by David Bush a fine art painting of a dried maple leaf suspended in zero…
RT @sparklingyoongi: don't you just love how autumn changes into winter 🍂☃️
Tomorrow @ noon, our Autumn Statement Webinar will be addressing the impact of the new #IR35 rules: #UnfairIR35
RT @FemaleTexts: When you're learning how to control yourself
RT @sparklingyoongi: don't you just love how autumn changes into winter 🍂☃️