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RT @Erik_Benner: The IT Simplification Tour with @OracleMgmtCloud @oracle_em and more is headed to Austin TX. FREE and educational!
RT @STCchiefthomas: Congrats to new Muskoday council. Chief Austin Bear. Councillors Herman Crain, Merle Crain, Elaine Ross-Smith, Randy Bear, Delbert Bear.
RT @rubyloveszack: Please RT we need #Respect4George programme must be stopped. @channel5_tv @david__austin @ajridgeley @MeebMay…
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube de @locosdel_basket ( - LLEGA LA "RONDA 16" del MARCH MADNESS en NBA LIVE
@StarkDidIt I like it b/c Austin seems super genuine so no matter the guest he comes off as genuinely interested. And he curses which helps.
Surgery went well🤘🏻 been playing with this thing in my tendon since football🙄 #NoPretenders #RTR
RT @rubyloveszack: Please RT we need #Respect4George programme must be stopped. @channel5_tv @david__austin @ajridgeley @MeebMay…
Seeing Dave Chappelle on Monday night in Austin. That's a huge check off my bucket list.
Austin City Council moves forward with DNA plan
i really wish i had a car here bc ive been wanting to go to austin SO bad lately
Come do funfun in Austin again. Yo mitang Album bumped last time for sure >>!!!
Essas coisas tu só ver aqui em Austin 😂😂😂😂
lol Austin I mean the damn time I wanna fast forward my days cuz I don't feel good at all I think my sugars high or…