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RT @macchalion: PT.1- I translated Araki's thoughts after finishing Vento Aureo, it also explains the concept behind it and Fugo's… https://t.co/a4NGoKFD0U
Cant wait for Vento Aureo animated
I know it's time to reread the end of vento aureo (from the oasis/green day fight) but I'm not emotionally ready
RT @soraia_jamal: "Se não deu. Deixe que vá. Pois pior que a tristeza da saudade é o desgaste de quem não te quis valorizar."
@camogiogio 癒し❤❤❤
#ibiza2017 #Ibiza #NowPlaying | Markus Homm - Lost And Found [Mario Aureo Radio Edit] | TuneIn:… https://t.co/Lp55DBUYDs
Yo esperando a que confirmen el anime de Vento Aureo: https://t.co/sHWF2gtati
I liked a @YouTube video from @Freikugal https://t.co/9FBcb1u84y Where's Vento Aureo?? - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Explained Discussion
RT @prxmpto: the vento aureo and stone ocean crews https://t.co/Tc9eVUN45a
RT @PostingManga: Mista, Narancia, & Fugo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo) https://t.co/Qs9AV3tQPq
Volcanum adloquitur thalamoque haec coniugis aureo Book 8, line 372
diavolvo wants to kill his daughter in vento aureo — okay cool https://t.co/0vgrj5yKTi
Vento Aureo & Stone Ocean are bad arcs, you'll than... — Alright https://t.co/3qFpsWr11z
vento aureo et la s4 de haikyuu c les seuls trucs que j'attends la
Day 26, they still haven’t confirmed Vento Aureo https://t.co/8QOuzyEhMj
Nefertiti y el Número Áureo... https://t.co/9Jo7wjGWJD
@MissJuli3tte t'es pas comme ça Juliette crois pas se que les gens disent !!
Vento Aureo whe-- Scratch that I didn't know we had until an hour ago
@JanitorJoker As far as main villains go, Yoshikage Kira (DIU) is amazing, Diavolo (Vento Aureo) is confusing and Pucci (SO) is also cool.
@willixmcupul Eso te encantaría; estoy más proporcionado que el mismísimo número áureo. 🖤🌀