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Audrina Patridge 2015 Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles #AudrinaPatridge
Audrina Patridge - Grocery Shopping in Los Feliz - April 2015 #AudrinaPatridge
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Audrina Patridge Shows Off Her Legs - 102,7 KIIS FMs 2015 Wango Tango - Los Angeles, May 2015 #AudrinaPatridge
@migglesneezles @automatart 5 crysterbating DMDs! That is the best. I miss monter house. First Audrina is best.
Et maintenant c'est l'heure du reportage avant de dormir mdr
Somebody just asked me why my name is Audrina like am i supposed to know
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@abigailjannee seriously!! Lol thats how ppl end up having 4+ kids like my mom hahah yes omg i bet audrina is going to be the same in a bit😭
@MartiniClara mdr pareil, j'met une série sur mon ipad pour avoir une petite lumière vite fais et je laisse les petits trous du volet 😂😂
@MartiniClara t'inquiètes j'en ai 22 et Je suis dans le même cas
C'est l'heure de prendre un bain 💁🏻
Click here to watch the movie: Audrina was an Asian vision of beauty
RT @dxuleur: rien n'est plus attirant que quelqu'un qui fait des efforts pour toi
Catch Boombox Cartel at Bass Masquerade this Saturday at the City hall!!
RT @ParadeOfLasers: The holidays will be here sooner than you think. 🎅🏽
RT @awonderdj: Do u ever just look at Insta accounts & think what is ur job? How do u get to travel & take photos jumping in the air by the sea so much? #Deals #Books A New Family Created by God--A Valentine's Day Novel: Book 6 by Julia Audrina Ca
Audrina Patridge in a Bikini at a Beach in Bali - June 2015 #AudrinaPatridge
Bloodstained Heart: Part 1 - Passion Audrina Lane via @AmazonUK