AT&T Shitstorm

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I've said it before anyone else years ago - NiKo will be the best player in the world at some point, but he hasn't reached it yet
RT @SMTownEngSub: Red Velvet won 2nd Bonsang at the "2017 Seoul Music Awards"
Italy avalanche: Many feared dead at popular Brit Hotel Rigopiano in Abruzzo
Chinese Paper Says Boeing, US Agriculture at Risk in Trump Trade War
RT @shannentannn: why can't i enjoy good food that life offers me and not gain weight at the same time. this is unfair.
Can't wait to be back at the @MondayBar Winter Cruise in #Sweden this month! Always such an amazing vibe there!…
@boardmasters @Ben_Redwood13 u don't want this crusty at ur fest
RT @ggkyu: Seo: don't say no, my heart hurts, you too *the lyrics* Key: why are u looking at me? Seo: it's on the script Lawak
RT @SMTownEngSub: Red Velvet won 2nd Bonsang at the "2017 Seoul Music Awards"
RT @taecypher: jungkook won't control his face lmao look at him 😂
Highkey missing yixing. I was hoping he'd be at #SMA2017 but clearly, that ain't happening 💔
@blacknsassy ack. Just one at a time. Let's just focus on Gibbs next who isn't a threat but she'll Goat against queen like the rest of them
RT @70Ceeks: he doesn't have a desk at the winter white house
松潤の自慢「世の中に出てない嵐の音源全部持ってる」 翔さん「初期だと発売されてなくてコンサートでしかやってないとかあるもんね」 さながらKAT-TUNの真顔魂のソロ曲…あれ全部最高なのになんで音源化されなかったの…もうAT-Tは絶望、後生だからKUNはいつかアルバムに入れて…
@FrontRowGrunt Jacobie proven decent at SR level. Can't be worse than Marcel & Werner who are arguably the 2 worst boks of all time
you don't see me at all..
@IndieDevM Now I'm learning kanji in the process. This is a double win ^^ I wish I wouldn't suck at languages so I could learn Japanese ;_;
@adambspencer Can of worms. Can't believe after all these years they ALL still believe...I've got fairies at the bottom of my garden 👍😃🎅🏼
RT @blaenkpink: I won't get tired looking at Blackpink's Legs 😍
69 News • 'Men can't do without women -Adu- Sarfo' via @233liveOnline. Full story at
RT @dinahjane97: proud of baby girl here . she hasn't been feeling well this week , but we couldn't tell at all…
RT @CumLiberErit: @HikariSam @RussiaConnects trashbook are the afficianados of censorship..and social/psychological experiments.
Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes, the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.
@SHCJ_FRANCE I understand that digital are important but physical are sales too, I don't ask for a 50% Digital 50% Physical, but at last 30%
Already spilled coffee on my white top at work and I didn't even start my shift...fml