AT&T Shitstorm

tracking the shitstorm

RT @aravosis: But nearly 2% more of us don’t get upset at all.
can't believe Justin was at my gym smh i'm so sad :(
*Milo Yiannopoulos shows up for his panel at MFF* "You know who we AREN'T hungry bottoms for? THE CLINTON FOUNDATION."
Haha everyone is fuming at McClean. He's a cunt to be sure but he didn't stamp on Pereyra, just twatted the ball at him
I don't like shopping, but my mom does sooo here I've been at the mall all day #love
@grittyprose Goodnight to you, sorry if got a bit stroppy at one stage but to be accused of lieing about sons health doesn't go down well
RT @hatfieldsports: Oscar Smith 2017 forward T.J. Taylor has committed to play his College Hoops at Virginia State, per HC LaVar Griffin.
RT @Friendstagram: I don't like you. At least I'm not plastic.
RT @AschoffESPN: Florida actually had a great drive and couldn't punch it in with four shots at the goal line. Alabama's defense turned into a brick wall
RT @lafondles: If it's about unity, then at least have the respect to get our sacred teachings correct and don't claim them.
@legsidelizzy I've just Sung myself hoarse at a @frankturner concert. Every time I say I won't sing as much but every time I do.
The ACA is increasing costs at an increasing rate. And we have insured citizens who can't afford the deductibles. H…
RT @tnm_0204: it's not fair to kids who don't have supporting parents. when i grow up, i'm gonna be at every game my kids have..
@AmtrakPiedmont 79 is still at Rocky Mount don't know when or what happen.
@apkilby what do you think of new artwork? Please don't forget about us :) thank you!
RT @cliffordsshug: Jungkook hurt his waist & knee at MAMA. Yet Mnet didn't even include his part on yt. This makes me so mad and sad…
@davidro50017125 never done a minutes work in 90 yrs at the taxpayer's expense surely you don't grudge her 2hrs of your impoverished time
RT @kahrluhmei: Ang sarap lang mabasa na parehong naging malaking impluwensiya ang kanilang mga ina at ang isa't-isa sa pag-mature nilang dalawa. 💙
RT @IamAkademiks: Wale wasn't lying ... he really was bout to see J Cole at the game . This is from a few mins ago
@UriahSleep @CraigoMorry88 I agree, think we'll make play offs considering form since Bruce took over, shame he wasn't in at start.
RT @DJBonics: At one point we were told that they didn't want her next to wiz on camera because he was too tall next to her. Why would we make this up?
I don't get how the kittens haven't got bored of running across the landing only to head butt the doors at each end!