AT&T Shitstorm

tracking the shitstorm

RT @TringSchMusic: Swing Band will be playing at 6pm- don't miss them!
Like this wasn't my 100th time in his office at this point.
RT @presidentdiary: The only surprise is that the MSM can't hide it. Enlist in the USFA at Patriots only pls.
RT @TheLifeDiaries: If you don't know at least these 90s and 2000s R&B songs. I don't want you 🎵🎶🎼🎤
Hearing about light snow at @LyndonVSC. H/T @ajfroggie for that info
seriously can't wait to have a kitchen table so me and rach can sit down to eat instead of standing at the counter or eating on the couch
i don't like other men staring at our birds he said
@LittleNights @TarsierStudios Any confirmed release date yet? Played the demo at EGX and can't wait :)
It don't feel good to get played that's why at this point you can't expect nothing special from most of these niggas
#charitytuesday Don't forget if you use easyfundraising you can raise money for Friends of Manor easily at no extra…
With AT&T-Time Warner Deal Brewing, a Focus on Preserving CNN’s Integrity
RT @DEFENDTONY: "this ain't spaghetti. this army noodles and ketchup." @armieharnmer MY FAV LINE AT THE MOMENT SKDJS
My nephew has the right idea, I don't blame my lil man at all 😊
i'm tired & not feelin any of this shit today, pls don't look at me i look like a marshmallow
Next week, at this time I don't expect myself to remember my name
RT @AztecHotelUK: Residential #conferencing with @ThwaitesHotels doesn't just stop at great #meeting facilities! #meetingprofs…
No! Not At All.. Couldn't Take It Anymore. I'm Back At The Taxi Rank
That was the last straw for me lmao. Chicks really be salty when you get a girl & don't personally tell em. So I ain't saying nothin at all.
Conor Maynard loves doing covers doesn't he wonder if he'll cover my shift at work the annoying prick
Looking at how red Rusevs chest was... That wasn't the first take was it?
@AirmailDX Austin Aries didn't work for the company at the time.
Orientation today for amazon at 9. I don't wanna get outta bed
RT @FemaIeStruggIee: when you texted him at 8:44 and its 8:44 & he still hasn't replied.
RT @KanataNorthBIA: #Fintech is revolutionizing how we bank - don't get left behind, learn from global experts at @TiEConCanada Nov 3-4!
3.800 exhibitors are expected at #CES2017. "Many of these companies didn't exist 3 years ago." @shawndubravac at…