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When I ask who it is they don’t text back 😐
Don’t ask me to do shit you can’t do for me in other words don’t ask me to do shit !
I ask so I don't get my hopes up...but it usually leads to irritation of others.
Don’t ask me why my self esteem is so low when (idc if you think this is shallow) I never get complimented and never get praised.
You don’t got to ask me what I want to do in about ball
@CaliKatt_23 It's okay. Take some time to process. Ask questions. Look yourself in the mirror & decide what needs t…
@MichaelBovende2 @decunningham2 @cwsoxfan @KevinNR I don’t believe a prospective employer would fail to ask the nam…
@Bros4America @AlexMohajer @princessmom122 @HillaryClinton There hasn't been a day since then when I don't ask, "Is…
RT @_alexelle: I don’t want to over glamorize love. As wonderful as it is, it’s not always glitter and fluff. Ask yourself if you’re ready to do the work.
RT @celmatesakiller: @YaBoyCaden Exactly! And like if you want a hug that bad just ask don’t just do it consent is key!!
Just don't ask these announcers.
@Jc_iiio If you don't believe me, ask my brothers and sisters to tell you the weather.
I liked a @YouTube video Đừng Hỏi Em (Don't Ask Me) |1st Live Stage | Mỹ Tâm
@wenndy94_ Why don't Noona ask Elsa to make Olaf stay in his form?
RT @DiyyWilly: Don't ask me why i've changed, ask yourself what you did to me
#NowPlaying Don't Ask My Neighbor by The Emotions on #UrbanRadio Greatest Hits R&B
RT @OffendedAmer: CIA Chief Mike Pompeo says ‘don’t ask me about it’ if Kim Jong-un drops dead via @JacobAWohl
RT @DiyyWilly: Don't ask me why i've changed, ask yourself what you did to me
Ask Amy: Family member enjoys degrading others: Reader wants to know if those who don… #news
@SanjaiGandhi @PradeepINDIAN0 @OfficeOfRG I know my dad well. I have only one. You seem to have many. Why don't you…
@TalbertSwan @realDonaldTrump btw Donald, just so you don't have to ask..GW was the first President.
Please don't ask me questions you know i don't have the answer to.
RT @_mwes: Girls don't even ask if you have a car anymore, they just tweet like this and if you can't relate don't even bother…
@guardian No thank you. It's way too soon after your tabloid hatchet job on Sean Hughes. Please don't ask again later.
When people don't make efforts to reconnect but they ask themselves what went wrong and why connections were cut-off. 😏