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RT @ChoieSumpter_: All I have to ask is what is a plane? Or better yet what is a jet lag ? #TeamValmani did that 🔥🔥🔥YASSS GUMMYBEAR YASSS #32
RT @MissSchliez: Dr. Drew asked Jenelle about the custody battle and she had to ask which one #TeenMom2
Mikey called me to ask what day I want to see him and when I tell him which day he says he's busy 🙄 why even ask me then
@JulienSolomita was going to ask wtf your wearing a tank top in the bath... It's the neck of your beer lmfao.
RT @glofuI: i still ask "you promise?" like a little kid. idc.
I just got a Colleen DM, and then a Kory dm with the same 10 min ask me if I'm fine
Whenever I ask my mom to do my homework her reply is always "no".. like mom, seriously help a girl out @jewzmachado
@hollandguy @WWE you cared enough to ask why it was a match and why anyone should care. Now I know this isn't a masterclass in Wrestling.
Di medan kos kak? Pap kamarr dongg — Iya , baru aja sih. Nanti ya soalnya aku lagi massage dr go- massage nih 😂
My ex is a perfect example of why you can't spoil your bfs cause when you break up and ask for your shit back they fuck a minor
RT @ownjeon: RM: did she just ask that? jhope: just keep smiling jimin: i want to go back to korea jk: ??? jin: i'm hungry suga:…
Funny how mfs b quick to ask wat happened to somebody but don't even fw dem lik dat on regular basis 🤦🏾‍♂️😴
RT @Okwonga: Ask the black kid in West Berlin who recently got his head kicked in by four neo-Nazis.
RT @Ioverthoughts: all i ask is keep it real with me
RT @Noto0ligarchy: Hi @Samsung, did you know @amazon is advertising your product next to hate speech? Please ask them to stop.…
RT @lauradx3: #IamColombianTherefore people always ask me to speak in spanish so they can hear my accent ...
@GPBchan Alternative Idol has one. It's mostly alt idol stuff but I've seen other stuff on it. Dunno if invites are open, ask @ramenshuriken
RT @RelatabIe: benefits of being friends with me: shitty jokes whenever you ask for them shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them
RT @WhennBoys: i still ask "you promise?" like a little kid. idc.
@joannax42 yooo I was about to ask about mark delfigalo but that's a different show 😂😭