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ну что ребята, нас ожидает конец света — Да и слава богу, выспимся хотя бы
RT @soompi: #BTS’ Suga And Min Kyung Hoon Have A Family Battle On “Ask Us Anything”
RT @NiallOfficial: ' Too much to ask ' video is out in 2 hours .
would just like to say that like there are very few occasions where it is ok to openly ask a girl her cup size, like almost none really
RT @team_world: Se ancora non lo sai... ecco quando uscirà il video ufficiale di #TooMuchToAsk di #NiallHoran 😍🔜…
#Yep #KeepItReal I don't ever sugarcoat. If you don't like the truth, better not ask me.
RT @Sinefabrika: Aşkı sen ya da ben var etmiyoruz. Bir araya geldiğimizde aşk bizi var ediyor. Chuck
RT @iShinichiKudo: في انطباعك الأخير قلت أن الفصل القادم راح يظهر امورو وراح يواج… — #حرق_كونان مو شرط بالتشابتر الجاي،بس سيرا ما أدري
สิ่งไหนที่คุณพูดมากที่สุด — กูอยากสบายแล้วขอไทม์สคริปไปตอนที่มีความสุขได้มั้ย
Lagu melly goeslaw yg paling disukai??? — Tanyakan pada rumput yang bergoyang
ion ask for much
Klo kangen sama orang biasanya kamu ngapain ? — Tergantung. Diomongin atau dipendem 😀
RT @CanlilarDunyasi: Şiir, aşka benzer yaşayarak anlarsın. Aşk şiire benzemez yaşayarak da anlayamazsın.
@BreakoutNET Too much to ask niallhoran🙏🙏🙏
How can you be happy without money? — Die . So that i can rest in peace lol
What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you? — Energetic vibes 😍✌🏼🔥
RT @soompi: #BTS’ Suga And Min Kyung Hoon Have A Family Battle On “Ask Us Anything”
RT @KodeineCrazy: Yeah, just ask my ex
Qui est la personne la plus courageuse que tu connaisses? — Ma mère
RT @stylinsonphones: Too Much To Ask Lyric FREE lockscreens! RT IF SAVING! BE HONEST! -Vee🌻
Ask a dude why he likes you and he’ll be like “idk you just different” .. lying ass, just shut up.😂😂😂😂
This Is Very Terrible Thing Is If Your Friends Ask u to like & Retweet your tweet then u will do But if u ask them they will Disappear
RT @CellPressNews: What do you want to know about Sequencing Single #Cells to #Microbiota? Ask anything next week #CPWebinars…
🔴 مـﻧـــ الخاصــــ 📩 ابغى دورة انقليزي ممتازة وشهادة معتمده وبسعر مقبول #المدينة_المنورة
when u dont have friends so u ask urself questions — ikr ha ha ha ha