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Sinasabi ko na talaga may tinatagong kaanyuhan tong si justin ashley eh
RT @alezander: did y'all know only 5% of the ocean has been explored? imagine all the nut shit we haven't seen yet
RT @HaAshLosAngeles: Hoy será el último día del #AshleyWeek y Ashley ni en cuenta 💔😪 🗣 AVÍSENLE!!! @haashoficial
Huge shoutout to both of our Varsity and Novice Sprint Medleys for placing first!!! Varsity was Alex DeVivo; Chelse…
RT @Lost_Pause_: Me: "So what's your favorite animal?" Ashley: "Dolphins! =D" Me: "Ah, the rapists of the sea." Ashley: D=
You gotta spend money to make money 😭🤦🏽‍♀️
@petermac23 @1892JP @delfender don’t even know who your keeper is Mr Petewood lol 😂
RT @TheSportsman: 😰 Only 57 days until Mbappe makes Ashley Young retire... #UCLDraw
RT @SamHomewood: Right now Ashley Young’s making room in his pockets for Neymar and Mbappe.
RT @MoeThuggin12: Family: “so what’d you learn in college this semester?” Me:
👄vic ⛪ashley 🔪kendall piada jenner
RT @SamHomewood: Right now Ashley Young’s making room in his pockets for Neymar and Mbappe.
RT @WannaBeReece: Dr.Doofenshmirtz: “ I am going to take over the Tri-State Area.” Perry the Platypus:
RT @KosKME: Attention #Pristina and Ashley Jones Fans, Please Join Us For A Tweetfest From 2-4PM EST to Help Us Get Ashley Back…
Ashley es famosa, feliz y hermosa, . Y después están las doñas que la critican porque.... (mejor me reservo mi opinión) 🤷‍♀️
Ashley Bratcher Becomes Passionately Pro-Life After Movie Role
RT @markgoldbridge: United have become a club that celebrates holding on to a home draw against Arsenal and bantering opposition becaus…
go wt the flow, ashley.
Going through my phone... Alyssa, Ashley, Azriel Betz, Brittney Cheyanne D Emily F G Hilery Ivy Jenn Kali, Kayla L…
RT @fairyhubs: i think its sad when i briefly talk to someone like just a few simple messages and that's it like we didn't get clo…
@benscribbles @JuliaHB1 @chipdiddychop @JohnHirst7 Hi Ben if you look at the posted finances of Laura Ashley you wi…
RT @realAshleyRenee: I always enjoy a good punishment with Julie Simone! #bondage #fetishmodel