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@druidDUDE dropped a solid bop and I’m 13 again wishing Artie got the solos he DESERVED
@jwcproductions @WhamBamSystems @SeeMeCNC @AtomicFilament looks great on the Artie! you've got a maker coin too!!!
RT @ProBirdRights: wats that i missed eester u say? oh i sorry I was too busy NOT STEALING INMFANTS
RT @superkickingit: Alright, I have this burning question on my mind...Who really is the strongest: Artie from the Adventures of Pete a…
Artie should be at the bottom of everyone’s list I’m just saying
@artie_forever Which southern comfort??? Because the lime one takes #1 spot
Also... I love Seven, Artie, Mila, and dean. 🥺
RT @guardian: The excitement over Adele’s marriage breakdown is ugly and unkind | Yomi Adegoke
Same. Or wore the right shoes.
Sometime I wish I just took up a trade.
@KD23rdstr @MingGao26 Go for it. When I started my record company artkincell records, (art-can-sell) musicians in m…
RT @AdamJSmithGA: Buckle up boys and girls this election is gonna get even gayer
RT @EIJefeDiego: “Podrás quejarte, arrepentirte y hasta mentarme la madre, pero ya votaste por mí y desvoto no hay”. —Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
@Artie_Vandelay @mcwm @verge May be the PR Noise was too loud
疲れちゃった ドライブ中に運転してる彼氏の横で おなにーしてイク彼女ってなしですか笑 (´・ω・`)笑 #不倫 #アダルト動画 #処女
🚨TRADE ALERT🚨 We've traded our 1°round pick(2025) + 5° round pick (2025) + 6°round pick(2024) + Artie Burns(CB) t…
It don’t cost nun to be 💯
@laishawilkins @JesusRCuevas Neta quieres ir a aburrirte en una mañanera? A lo mejor ni siquiera te pasan el micróf…
Come on! Just a few more hours! #MortalKombat11
RT @brfootball: —Spurs: Lose —Manchester United: Lose —Arsenal: Lose —Chelsea: Held Who wants to finish in the top four?
RT @cmclymer: The government paid for my college education w/ the G.I. Bill, and all I had to do was sign a contract pledging to…