Tweets about a recent trend: Artest

RT @JustBlogBaby: Jon Feliciano tweeted after the game that he "Almost pulled a Ron Artest"... 🤔
Fun watching Tiger win on Artest
@Tonioverthetop danke 🙈 ich freu mich schon wenn ich mit nem ärztlichem artest bei meiner lehrerin ankomme 😂😂 der blick wird unbezahlbar :'D
yahoo changing its name to altaba they mustve been smoking the same thing ron artest did when he decided to be metta world peace
Ron Artest was with that shit 😂😂 but dude sliding punch at :40 had me weak 😂😂
RT @bballvines: Artest tried to pull his pants down but Pierce still nailed the 3 😂
I miss Ron Artest. Metta World Peace is too nice.
TIL that Vernon Maxwell was the original Ron Artest
"Her body classic, like John west And her 🐱 hit hard, like Ron Artest"
Tony Parker and Ron Artest 😂😂😂
@BballProblemz artest and rodman holdin 3 spots each.
@AnnieAult ron artest and Ben Wallace were thugs back in the day
Shout out to the fan who squared up with Artest on the court. He got heart.
Tbt to the Artest and Wallace brawl of 2004.
@EricShapiro3 @Violetskyye @CNN @SenWarren policy beats personality. If we'd kept congress, Pres. Dole couldn't gut welfare and mass artest.
@NoahL137 broke my cheek bone, took a Ron Artest elbow to the face
@Shively3310 @ShivelyZ @shively_luke nope J knew I was a defender and body guard I was ron artest you're still kris Humphries
omg i remember watching that game with my dad 😭 ron artest was like anybody can get it lmfaooo
These tweakers next to me talking about how good Ron Artest was for the patriots...
If I played for the Knicks I'm getting suspended right now. Cuz somebody getting the Ron Artest elbow to the head
"Imma beat that ass up like Ron Artest"
@SoSadSonic I liked the Ron Artest game winner in the 2009 WCF game 5.
Ima beat they ass up like Ron Artest
how did i not know Ron Artest used to drink Henny at halftime. absolute legend