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RT @UJ_Sport: FT: UJ has booked their spot in the #VarsityFootball semi's after defeating UFH 4-2!! Congratulations to the mighty Army! @go2uj @Sasero1
RT @BSquared_4: hey arnold really hilarious
RT @TWLOHA: "Life is not having and getting, but being and becoming." - Matthew Arnold
The Arnold Manor attic is currently 105.80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Outside Arnold Manor it is currently 86.00 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 63 percent.
RT @1negreiro: Cent, Verô, Arnold, Dimas... Meu time ta vuanu
Spin: One day in the mid-nineteen-eighties, Liz Smith was in a car with her friend Arnold Scaasi, the fashion...
RT @doxietaxi: Goodnight all RT/F Lovers of Astonishing ❤ Redheads 💙 @I_luv_reds @ru4teamsmoke @TattooRockSex @Arnold_Ziffell 💋💋
I think the worse movie I ever saw was that batman and robin movie wit Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze
Movie Monday The Space Children, jack Arnold, 1958 #moviemonday
Heeeeeeeeey, Arnold — this '90s star went from football head to freakin' hot:
Have you heard "Rise of the Machines Cyber Fury" on Hollywood Jukebox? It's so Arnold!
Is Kanye West OK? Read his speech at VMAs as he gives shout out to Ta……
@justinkristl I hope so to because now that you say it it would be cool to compete at the arnold lol
Roomba Now Able to Hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger
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