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RT @Egaypt: Had the honor to meet and ask questions for @mnvartik on Human Rights situation in #Armenia, thank's @humanrights1st for this oppertunity.
En diciembre si me voy para Armenia a ver a Kevin y a Geral. 😍😍🎀
[AlcaldiaArmenia] Todos Ponemos, Mejorando Armenia un Barrio a la Vez
Querer ampliar su territorio a costa de Siria, Irak, Armenia, Grecia, etc, a aliarse con el terrorismo y a cabrear a media Europa. 2
ESPECTACULAR CASA 7021-1 en Armenia/Quindío/Colombia en Venta
RT @esctoday: Sirusho all set to release her new album, "Armat"! Read more: #Eurovision #Armenia
Taking care of his farm back home in Armenia
RT @_Arianatorworld: #2 Malta #2 United Arab Emirates #3 Greece #5 Slovakia #7 US #7 Norway #10 Armenia #10 Ireland #10 New Zealand #10 SW #10 Portugal
RT @ArmenianEyeCare: With telesurgery, the possibilities of offering quality eye care to developing countries like Armenia are truly...
RT @candee2611: @beluucastro6 _ Perfecta😻 _ t adoroo💕 _ esas noches (se tienen que repetir) _ Armenia _ Mala influencia
RT @WeekendWinoApp: The oldest winery in the world is 6100 years old & it's located in a cave in Armenia
Check out 1919 - #ARMENIA 50 100 250 #RUBLES #DASHNAK ARF ARMENIAN FIRST REPUBLIC, No-91! #bonistics #Бонистика
#APY representatives participated in a training organized by @SWV_Armenia aimed at improving the knowledge about…
Карен Карапетян не исключает назначения своей родни на государственные должности
Can I please go back to Armenia, and stay away from this shit-hole called lebanon and all the people who live here?
@Armenia is MY country -not nation really.... But certainly they can ONLY drive JESUS into #Jihadist let alone the…
Премьер Армении представил причины слабого притока зарубежных инвестиций и планы правительства в этой связи
ARRIENDO APARTAMENTO PARA ESTRENAR en Armenia/Quindío/Colombia en Alquiler