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RT @khloekardashian: Children of Armenia Fund @COAFkids empowers Armenia's children in need. Support 13th Annual #COAFGALA in NYC on 12/…
@BluRadioCo estos hijueputas si son muy acomodados en armenia un malparido platano vale 1000 la papa vale 1400 la lb la gaseosa subio 500
@realDonaldTrump Donald, Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh must be the best allies of the US and not Israel!
@rhizostomae *pide empanada armenia*
RT @WESCanada: Spotlight on Success: Our fabulous colleague Anna & her journey from Armenia to #Toronto.…
Na Armênia, todas as crianças acima de 6 anos de idade são obrigadas a aprender Xadrez na escola. Este é considerad…
Salas de juntas, spa con turco, gimnasio y terrazas con lo mejor del paisaje; en un espacio #inteligente y…
RT @AUAtweets: Bravo @khloekardashian for drawing attention to an important AUA partner @COAFkids whose founder #GaroArmen is also…
Why did they establish a Ministry of Navy in landlocked Armenia.Do you have a sea?To spite Azerbaijan.They established a Ministry of Culture
🤔😏😜 @ Armenia- Quindio
Conoce todos los beneficios exclusivos de nuestros #Afiliados.
FGR Sonsonate reporta hallazgo de cadáver en Lotificación Plan del Coco Armenia, se encuentra semi enterrado.
RT @khloekardashian: Children of Armenia Fund @COAFkids empowers Armenia's children in need. Support 13th Annual #COAFGALA in NYC on 12/…
@realDonaldTrump but your team only gets money from me, if you strengthen ties with Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
RT @MFAofArmenia: Nalbandian at #ICNS16:I'd like to reiterate #Armenia’s strong commitment to collec.efforts twd strengthening #nuclear #security architecture
RT @MFAofArmenia: FM: #Armenia'n Gov's decision on extension of #Metsamor #NPP lifecycle was taken after thorough consultations w/#IAEA and our intl partners
RT @MFAofArmenia: #Armenia Gov is working w/intl partners at bi/multilateral levels to further enhance its natl capabilities in countering #nuclear smuggling
RT @MFAofArmenia: FM: #Armenia is active in counter-proliferation initiatives -Global Initiative to Combat #Nuclear #Terrorism & #Proliferation Sec.Initiative
RT @MFAofArmenia: FM Nalbandian at #ICNS16: #Armenia fully implements its international obligations under the #UN #SecurityCouncil Resolution 1540. #IAEA
RT @MFAofArmenia: FM Nalbandian at #ICNS16: #Armenia strongly supports #IAEA leading role in coordinating NS activities among Mmb States, int/orgs&initiatives
@mike_pence, @realDonaldTrump You want my money, you have to support to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh!