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RT @notearsagb: can ariana become a mukbang youtuber ,, like her and piggy smalls just sittin eatin and chattin like pls
RT @i7BRHM: Ariana and pete *breaks up* Mac miller
RT @dynamitecamiIa: pete davidson pretending to be a piece of furniture so he can stay in ariana’s apartment
RT @candetinelli: Solo entro a tw para aclarar que no tome partido por nadie. Simplemente me sorprendio la actitud de ariana que mane…
RT @Celebsbikini1: Elizabeth Gillies et Ariana Grande
RT @naked_cherry: fan animation made for Ariana grande
RT @miasimoneg_: PLEASE stop quote tweeting that white girl who masturbates with guns or whatever she does not need the attention
RT @naked_cherry: fan animation made for Ariana grande
RT @naked_cherry: fan animation made for Ariana grande
RT @MARVELOLOGY: Chloe and Logan Ariana and Pete Now Kim and Kanye, uGh I love this trend of women leaving men that ain’t shit
RT @LisaSteiner_PTX: First Look: Ariana Grande, Adam Lambert, Pentatonix, More Perform On “A Very Wicked Halloween” Special
RT @mlshkr: ariana grande left pete kardashian divorcing kanye west.........peace is being RESTORED
RT @naked_cherry: fan animation made for Ariana grande
RT @ohthtsdee: i’m crying cause this really me in school when it comes to math.
@swiftbixbs que el grammy que gano lorde por royals o algo asi se lo entrego Ariana
@FemaleRapAlert ARIANA HONEY ... 🤣🤣
RT @cigelske: Wow I can’t believe this is why Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson split up
$10 sweatshirt & $4 shorts for underneath. Boom. Ariana for Halloween. #spookyseason
RT @Sunschics: Aspiro a tener una relación con este nivel de confianza
He tenido una pesadilla, los peces eran como nuestros mamíferos favoritos (gatos y perros) y lo despellejaban vivo…