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He's pretty argumentative generally.
@kingkrymer and that's fine it's nothing to get argumentative about Buy Argumentative Essay Online | 100% Original | A+ Work - Ultius
"You are what you create" medyo argumentative po. Coz clients. Lol
@sexstorewoes I could write a novel about this CW. They were THE WORST CW I've had, even moreso than argumentative teen I worked with once
RT @raylytle: To not be argumentative. You give up so as not to create conflict and let them declare war with fake enemies like the media and correctness
@Kerrygma @DeborahFStuart Argumentative kids, pain at the neck.😱
@DanKennett also, definitely not my intention to come off as another argumentative jerk on twitter. sorry if that's how I appeared to you
@OnceUponASophie no but some people are taking offence to some comments, and it can come across a bit argumentative if you get me
@Matthew22ca @dielemke (Es folgt eine argumentative Glanzleistung:) Doch!
An argumentative person carries hatred on the tongue and in the heart. Be watchful.
By watching the movie Raise the Red Lantern (1991), by Yimou Zhang You need to find an argumentative point in the
my mum is getting VERY argumentative with the tv over genesis
RT @forging: im not argumentative im just always right
Argumentative people annoy my brain
@Shadowfishy Argumentative > Conduct research about the book > Don't even need to read the book > Done.
It's time to have some fun. Let me just write an argumentative paragraph on a book I've never read due in 5 hours. Yep. I got this.
Someone find me a more argumentative girl than @khloetoole then get back to me plz 🙃😩
RT @_kweenm: Aries (-'s) •never serious 🙄 •argumentative af
3 picks for #DDoS attacks. -argumentative foreign entity -viva la resistance -government doing it to itself to distract you
There's a difference between having an opinion and being an argumentative prick.
@JayRLTW @KungFunny @Mediaite for someone that claims to purposefully be argumentative.. hes not very good at it.
RT @bholcomb: Do argumentative souls ever experience peace of mind? Do those same souls know what peace feels like?
I enjoy writing argumentative papers bcz the TA is then forced read out my opinionated blab that usually, no1 else is willing to hear 😂😂