Are You Screening?

RT @manwhale_corona: i love going t the movies
I liked a @YouTube video from @WatchMojo Top 10 Zombie Types in Movies and TV
And Monday at 8 there spouse posted about them having dinner and going to the movies and all this shit...yet she went to the hospital sunday
RT @MarvelStudios: Forget everything you think you know. Discover #DoctorStrange on Digital HD & @DisneyAnywhere 2/14 & Blu-ray™ 2/28:…
RT @wgtc_site: Re-Tweet if this is one of your most-anticipated movies of the next few years! #AvengersInfinityWar
RT @SouthernHomo: Americans will watch movies and cheer at fake Nazis getting shot, scalped, and dismembered but wanna act mad when a…
@maggiepriceless @daviduu the three movies he made wth cronenberg are not related by a theme- and therefor no triology ! But thats only m o
@sclflcss ➤ notice - He got up and seemed to happily go to the the TV and open the drawer that was filled with movies. Grabbing ➤
@OriginalFunko will you be making Chris and Piers from resident evil 6 in the #FunkoPOP ? What about the Alien movies ?
RT @_maggiecl: This weather makes me want to stay home in bed all day , order pizza and watch movies
movies tomorro.. realllyyyyy thinking hard on that shit .. dk what i wanna see tho
@LilfootLanolin @RobSchneider @realDonaldTrump Hollywood sells movies, albums etc on a global level. Make sense? No disrespect ✌🏻
"I keep up an image of stoicism and brutish force. But I also enjoy watching movies. Good and bad ones."
I kinda wanna goto the movies 🤔
RT @cassandra_sida: Rainy days makes me want to watch movies until I get tired and end up taking a long nap
idk how i feel about x-23 being so young in logan. i hope they show her older in later movies tbh
@JanelleMonae my parents went today, they said it was one of the Best movies they have seen in years! #HiddenFigures Go see it! ~:] ✌️
RT @rosariodiestro: My newlife with kathniel is happy once again since i lost my husband months ago for now always 24 hours watching all interviews n movies
RT @MarvelStudios: Forget everything you think you know. Discover #DoctorStrange on Digital HD & @DisneyAnywhere 2/14 & Blu-ray™ 2/28:…
RT @manwhale_corona: i love going t the movies
FFFF IM SCREAMING they always end movies on cliffhangers i STILL NEED TO PEE STOP DOING THAT @ResidentEvil
I'm about to lay here And watch movies , I could use some chipotle right now though 😋🤔