Are You Screening?

Add the movie Demolition to your list of random movies you watch on a random night alone
RT @Babyimbroke__: Hate watching movies on regular channels, all these commercials dumb
@SuperMansiontv @BryanCranston This reminds me of those Japanese Action figure movies
I just want to date someone who loves pizza as much as me so we can lay in bed and just eat pizza and watch movies agh that sounds great
I've watched at least 4 movies today. Working on number 5 lol
@nafisakml hello nafisa nice to know tht u r married but still following adult movies page shocking :-c
@ImThomasGibson @TachibiWorld @petrafan777 Going through TG's list of incredible movies & shows tickles my heart & my head spins of pride 💋
All I wanted to do was chill with my boo and watch movies but my phone keep getting calls 😩🙄
wish I wasn't the only one awake right now but someone likes to fall asleep during movies :')
RT @McAvoyMexico: Box Office Report: @splitmovie Stuns With $40.2 Million Opening Weekend vía @EW @MNightShyamalan
Son this tv got my room feeling like I'm at the movies lol
RT @Debber66: The list of actors on my 💩list is growing by the minute! Guess we have to make our own movies ! .@DineshDSouza :-)
RT @jaiden_okeefe: The power went out at the movies and this guy yelled "rain drop" and everyone said "drop top" America is not as divided as it seems
@yupItsm3hoe the split is a ok movie too 😩 I was movies hopping yesterday 😂
RT @RedChilliesEnt: 2 Days to go! Raees arrives at a cinema close to you this Wednesday. #2DaysToRaeesKaDin. Book tkts : …
The best Netflix TV shows and movies to download
Horror movies in any month that's not October <<<<
@therealrayray20 superbad doesn't fit in that group of movies, not saying it isn't a great movie tho lol
Most people's outlets are music... mine is movies lol
@sasssleeey It's a quest to find ones self as well which also lies at the roots of all Christmas movies!
RT @eGetinnz: Spend a day reviving your wanderlust with these movies.
RT @FreeformTV: Retweet this if #DespicableMe is one of your favorite movies! #FUNDAY
*wants to see Split* *is surround by friends who don't like scary movies* -an excerpt from 'Robin's Life'