Are You Screening?

RT @SuzieLance: follow >> RT@english_milf: English MILF Daniella - enjoying my neighbours cock
RT @Chris_Hanna: Sandra: "She works for the FBI and infiltrates a beauty pageant. There are two movies, I can't believe you've never…
정신을 차려보니, 그 뒤틀린 시공간의 차원 안에, 바로 그 곳에 내가 있었다. <닥터 스트레인지> #왓챠
RT @dj_lil_t00: Im tryin to chill with oomf, watch some halloween movies,and drink hot chocolate all night otc
RT @Lexual__: Actually there are so many things after slavery that are never discussed. Where are THOSE movies?
I'm really wondering if you like disney movies omg
RT @theresa_lauren: First wish: world peace. Second wish: great wealth. Third wish: that the fake Chris Evans movies from Scott Pilgrim…
GROWING UP MOVIES... "A fun read bleeding nostalgia from the 80s!" #Clintington
RT @amitys_: i just wanna stay home & cuddle & watch movies.
[movies] Directors being merged with their movies
RT @TeamBonfayah: change your fave movies/ lines with jugjug example: till i met jugjug ganern haha #TIMYRunAway
RT @critiquehf: Bella Throne wishes she could give us iconic teen movies such as confessions of a teenage drama queen or Freaky Fri…
RT @cinluvscats: This quote was why titanic became one of my favorite movies when I was a kid
RT @comingsoonnet: First photos from the set of Ocean’s 8!
manunuod nalang muna ko movies hahahaha
@bwprocess Weird! among my friends, it's a sign of maturity & emotional independence. like going to movies or a nice restaurant by yourself
RT @StewartQuotes: "The first time I saw Annie Hall, it was on an airplane, which is really messed up. It was Air France, and they have good movies on there."
RT @StewartQuotes: "I didn’t really grow up on comic books but I love big movies, I like the effect of them. I like sharing things on that level."
expectation: nood ng movies, lamon dito lamon don. reality: maggo-grocery, maglilinis, maglalaba, magpapaligo ng aso, magtatapon ng gamit.
Might have to hit up the Drive In movies this Friday n burn sum dopeeee