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What went wrong in Riverdale? @JeremyMelloul & @TylerJamesComic discuss the Archie Kickstarter…
@archie_the I've no idea what Timothy is. I'm pretty sure he's just a moggy. 🙂🐱🐾 BSHs are so cute. I live their sturdiness. ❤️
Archie's Funhouse Comics Annual #24 preview. A brand new story! #comics
RT @ArchieComics: ‘#Riverdale’ Review: CW’s Soapy ‘Archie’ Series Is Young-Adult Awesome via @Deadline
You may benefit from redirecting your energy today if you hope... More for Aquarius
RT @APgirls_hockey: We'll take it 4-zip tonight over Archie's to stay 7-0-1 overall & a perfect 2-0 in CCL play! #winningculture #roadtothegarden
@love_wendy1 Really wouldn't know but I wish you luck.
RT @DavidBazzel: Looking forward to hearing football royalty, Archie Manning, at @LRTouchdownClub Awards banquet on Jan 19...…
@fetishlover11 I don't know sweetheart. We tried once and you were way into darker stuff then what I wanted to do.
#courgettecrisis come on you leftie wankers, blame it on #brexit don't miss a chance to whine again
@dorkycatgirl I think he looks great, I think you know your own cat. Gus is a typical BSH, just big boned and chunky xx
Película “Luis”, de Archie López, abrirá Festival de Cine Global -
RT @ALV_Trump: Monterrey N.L Méx. youth shoots teacher,classmate, then kills himself.
@archie_the yep Mars is the carpet shredder in my house. Has 3 cat trees, 3 cat box scratchers plus 2 big scratch nice but he doesn't care 🙀
RT @kennleandre: Seriously. Growing up reading Archie comics, I never once cared about Jughead's sexuality. I was more astounded by how many burgers he ate
RT @ayeecarlito: In case you were deciding to go watch "A Dog's Purpose" this month. Don't support it after footage of a scared dog…
RT @MuirbucksCoffee: #boycottadogspurpose at first I was wondering why people were so fired up against such a cute movie, but now I'm fired up and angry too
RT @rowbrinaswift13: animals aren't props animals aren't props animals aren't props animals aren't props animals aren't props #BoycottADogsPurpose
#topless nude girls in school archie betty porn
@Archie_V The reality is he’d probably be given a new car, no charge
@archie_arcanine don't worry about that I'm into everything most of those I only do for those who request it
@Graeme_SoW Of course not. He'd just buy a new car.
RT @orozco_nydiaa: I got a big heart wish I didn't though...