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@kimkimbiana @dabidabiiid Yamats, naunhan kong archie da! hahahaha
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Archie & Kira ❤ Relationship Goals" à l'adresse
RT @krsanchex: They turned Archie comics into the typical CW series with buttload of nonsensical heavy drama and suspense. It's like watching 90210 again.
RT @TheChosenOne250: @kj_apa kj ships Archie and Betty. Good choice boo
RANDOM ARCHIE FACT: I have given candlesticks as a wedding gift on more than one occasion based solely on this scen…
RT @Estelle_bn: Regardez moi ca bordel de merde cmt vs pouvez dire qu'archie c lplus bo
@megsauce Yep. Hate Archie, love B&V (& the Pussycats).
#NBAAllStar game, I can't explain how much I love watching sports and news and saying petty things. OMG, I've become a black Archie Bunker!
RT @bansheeslight: the way archie looks at veronica when she is not looking i'm sobbing 😊 #archieronnie #riverdale
Still welcoming archie icons
Ok but Archie in riverdale looks like shane dawson
@megsauce Archie should disappear and Betty and veronica can get together and be happy without asshole boys
I love riverdale Archie pls u know what to do
am I supposed to hate Archie or
lol I thought id ship archie and veronica but instead im low key heading toward betty and veronica and betty and archie
@UDFlyerNation @erock256 @SIPeteThamel No idea where or if Archie or Wade is going point is State attractive and not quick to fire.
RT @brittashipsit: Comics Alliance is putting Riverdale dialogue into classic Archie comics in their weekly roundups and it is SO DELI…
RT @ARRCHlE: rt to be added to riverdale gc -MUST STAN JUGHEAD X ARCHIE -be lit n active -no fights/ blocl unblocking -once again stan jughead n archie
RT @Eudless: Te juro que te abrazaría toda la vida.
Ainda não me decidi se shippo Betty e Jug ou Betty e Archie
@SauSSauuu faux ! Les jeunes diplômés doivent rentrer enrichir leur île...