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betty/archie/veronica yuri — im down
Mental... that is Archie, my newly born son.So weird to be a dad. Not quite sunk in. New Orient fan in the world.
Archie...I don't think you get the show OR Twitter mate.
RT @shanndelier: Talking about Instagram tools, even the ones no one wants to admit they use
RT @devil_criminal: @archie_carrasco @OMGNewsstand cge po kc ung mga pinsan ko sa province wala daw clng nabili. #ALDUBTwinsGender
RT @PerMaSho: @archie_carrasco sa mga nghahanap po ng mega oct. Meron po sa frend ko.To secure ur copy n 4 shiping needs kindly msg me #ALDUBTwinsGender
RT @TheMaineGirls: "in spite of her popularity, she remains to be humble" - Archie Carrasco ©archiecarrasco IG #ALDUBTwinsGender
RT @CVMag_MKT: @archie_carrasco @OMGNewsstand siguradong magkakaroon po kami ng reprint. Para di na mahirapan mghanap, punta lang po sa landmark makati
@finebaum Jim called Archie a redneck... Pot v Kettle..!!
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Archie Griffin #quote #RT
Archie Bunker's Place EQG Intro 12/6/16 The Joy Zombies Part 2 Season 6 Episode 2: via @YouTube
RT @StephenByrne86: Looks like I can announce my Archie story for the Love is Love anthology that benefits the Orlando Pulse victims :)
RT @DaytonMBB: ICYMI...Listen to last night's Archie Miller Show on @WHIORadio here #TrueTeam #GoFlyers
While trying to come up with cool names for an important room... I came up with the 'ARCHIE Bunker." Damn, I'm coo…
thinks Archie playing with Gulliver the little Dachshund is the cutest thing. (@ Grenville Park)
Never underestimate a person based on their look