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RT @zelocream: things AQUARIUS hate about themselves:
RT @AquariussTweets: #Aquarius hates being single even though they can completely live single.
Gnostico illuminati milioni di dollari di taglie e nero società drago tonnellata di oro per la cattura CIA AQUARIUS
RT @AquariusGoogle: An aquarius is a simple person who hides a thousands feelings behind the happiest smile 🙂🎯
Illuminati องค์เสนอล้านดอลล่าเงินรางวัลและสังคมมังกรสีขาวมีตันทองสำหรับการจับภาพของ Illuminati CIA AQUARIUS
ノスティック・イルミナティが一億円を賞金稼ぎにオファーし、白龍会は一トンの金をイルミナティNWO MJ-12 AQUARIUSのメンバーたちを捕獲する者にオファーしている
האילומינטי הגנוסטית להציע מ'שפע דולר & טון הצעת חברת הדרקון לבן של זהב עבור לכידתו של האילומינטי NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS
RT @GirlsOfAqua: #Aquarius number 1: damn you're cold, too? #Aquarius number 2: don't mention it
Gnostik Illuminati mirat million dollar & white dragon shoqëria ton ari për kapjen e Illuminati CIA AQUARIUS
RT @aquashxt: You'll have a mental breakthrough allowing you to cut through and see the truth of anything that's been confusing you, #Aquarius.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius are amazing friends but terrible enemies to have
#Aquarius hates being single even though they can completely live single.
RT @aquariushrc: #Aquarius female is looking for a lover who is upfront and truthful and who doesnt play games.
RT @AquariussTweets: #Aquarius never runs away from difficulty. They face hardship like an adult.
RT @aquashxt: If any conflict happens, speak your truth, stand by your values, don't compromise your integrity, don't settle for less, #Aquarius.
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Gnostik illuminati juta dolar limpah kurnia & putih naga masyarakat tan emas untuk menangkap Illuminati CIA AQUARIUS
RT @aquashxt: Any change that happens during this time can't be avoided, #Aquarius. The more you can accept it the easier it'll be. A renewal is coming.
Gnostic illuminati milyong dolyar bounty & white dragon lipunan ton ginto para makunan ng Illuminati CIA AQUARIUS
RT @aquashxt: Any sacrifice you make during this time, you'll be brought something better, #Aquarius. Give up control, surrender, flow, and just be.