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@90castlehill Aquarius sun, Cancer moon, definitely a keeper might have many friends is reserved and will emotions should be stable.
#Ascendant / #MediumCoeli for Teheran, IR for now (00h28m01s UT): 20°58'10.3'' #Aquarius (AC) / 05°56'47.1'' #Sagittarius (MC)
#Ascendant / #MediumCoeli for Baku, ASB for now (00h28m01s UT): 15°48'32.9'' #Aquarius (AC) / 04°26'44.3'' #Sagittarius (MC)
#Ascendant / #MediumCoeli for HongKong, HKG for now (00h28m01s UT): 16°18'28.1'' #Taurus (AC) / 04°26'26.3'' #Aquarius (MC)
#Ascendant / #MediumCoeli for Manila, RP for now (00h28m01s UT): 20°54'00.3'' #Taurus (AC) / 11°10'09.9'' #Aquarius (MC)
#Ascendant / #MediumCoeli for Seoul, ROK for now (00h28m01s UT): 09°12'48.7'' #Gemini (AC) / 17°08'34.5'' #Aquarius (MC)
#Ascendant / #MediumCoeli for Beijing, TJ for now (00h28m01s UT): 28°54'18.8'' #Taurus (AC) / 06°39'08.7'' #Aquarius (MC)
RT @YoungGawhd: Aquarius, ur sarcastic, emotionless, and detached. You act rebellious to hide ur insecurities. Desperate as hell, but u never open up.
"I was born on January 30! So my horoscope is Aquarius!" #AmazingPhil #PhandomBot
RT @neyshorty: the "acts tough but tbh just needs a hug" squad 😭 sagittarius, aries, leo, aquarius, scorpio, capricorn
RT @aquuarrius: #Aquarius never lie to someone who trusts them and never trust someone who lie to them.
RT @neyshorty: AQUARIUS DISLIKES - feeling helpless - being told what to do - close minded people - negative energy around them
RT @neyshorty: AQUARIUS LIKES - helping other people - their voice being heard - having their freedom - nice surprises
RT @EllaBandzzzz: Clearly If you a .. Aquarius♒❤️💯️ Leo♌️ Gemini♊️ Libra♎️ Sagittarius♐️ Aries♈️ Taurus♉️ You poppin 💯‼️👏
RT @AquariusUnite: An #Aquarius might be nice and friendly to you, but that doesn�t mean he or she is interested in dating you.
RT @Clash_with_Ash: Let's do a giveaway while I'm working on tonight's video! Follow & RT for a chance to win! Winner will be announced…
RT @natalialalali: Most horniest signs -HANDS DOWN VIRGOS💀 -cancers -SCORPIOS -Libras -Aquarius
RT @neyshorty: AQUARIUS - observant - hate small talk - loves to communicate & express themselves
RT @neyshorty: AQUARIUS usually they are known to have no emotions, this however is not true, they are just masters at concealing them & keeping it inside.
RT @AquariusUnite: Like air, #Aquarius are always moving and changing and are difficult to control and capture.
RT @AquariussTweets: #Aquarius have a habit of dozing off and daydreaming.
RT @AquariusUnite: An #Aquarius might be nice and friendly to you, but that doesn�t mean he or she is interested in dating you.
Psa: Stanaj is an Aquarius that's all ok