RT @premestateswine: Friday Favourites! It's Steve Jobs' birthday today, so tell us if you prefer Apple or Android to #WIN some bubbles!…
Mohler using that presuppositional apologetics
OK, Bill. You've won me over. NYPD official tells Trump that 'nobody' will get deported for jumping turnstile
@Apple_lingo_sa くっそ(΄◉◞౪◟◉`)裏目に出たか。惚気られた。ぐぬぬぬ
I'm playing Lady Luck Double Take on my iPhone, available on the app store: #Reflex
RT @MyAppleDotMy: @MyAppleDotMy Apple tidak simpan data cap jari yg dikumpul oleh Touch ID. Cip pemprosesan iPhone anda yg simpan.
RT @Shockedmeme: Adam: This apple is great, where did you get it from? Eve: The forbidden tree Adam:
Бритни Спирс светская жизнь
RT @raichanxd: (video) 170225 Kyuhyun solo concert in Taiwan (Apple Daily)
RT @AAA_Schedule: 【iTunes】トップアルバム第4位 AAA「WAY OF GLORY」(2月26日(日)0時現在) #AAA
RT @kpoplover727: Suho: my favourite food is mango.. Banana... Apple.. But nothing better than YOU HE'S SO CHEESY #EXOrDIUMinManila