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@ohNo_SINJ 호오오오옹오!!!!!!!!!
@MissisAiba Ohno is like 'Damn I just wanted to take a group picture' but sakurai's face Lord if looks could kill '… https://t.co/Le7QbHYKDX
@iam_ohno__ じゃあそれで決まり♡ 長崎名物は??
@CHARLYNCH_BELLA Kassius Ohno (i’m so glad they went with roman hahah)
اونو ساتوشي 💙 Ohno Satoshi 💙 大野智💙 https://t.co/W577688QLD
@iam_ohno__ あの声のかけ方は罪だよなあすきが止まらない ぇぇえ早くも来週が気になってつらい
@tamagohosh ohno😩-- u posted this 22h ago..... why is it still lurking out here asjsjsjjsk
RT @Akari_so_1127: ・ 04line┊︎Hokkaido┊︎同担△ “ Ohno Satoshi ” “ Matsushima So ” “ Nagao Kento ”… https://t.co/0l3k8UinG4
@tsuriida THAT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE😂😂😂 💙🙆 Hugs all of the Ohno fans toooo🙆🙆🙆
RT @chesutoberry: Theory: is this how Ohno felt 2 years ago? https://t.co/DpKMsm0c3x
RT @nicefinalbeam: okay I can't help but be curious - what will ohno's hair situation be out in the wilds of the common world? will he… https://t.co/fJZW0NZDtD
可愛いって声出しちゃったじゃん!!もう!!() #JIMIN https://t.co/DKrGmGoGTq
@OHNO_arashimana 12月11日 18歳 札幌 ニノ担 よかったら、絡みませんか?
@MissisAiba Ohno’s the innocent bystander who was in the wrong place at the wrong time RIP
@arashi_2bean 저도 잘부탁해요~!!!💙❤💚💛💜
@mine_satsuki おやすみねさつき😌🌃💤
@amnosxmatsujun @ArashiOhmiya1 High five🙌 Those fan even said that matsujun is angry about that.. That's the reason… https://t.co/zZGL3IbMJD