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The aperture science take your daughter to work day has been delayed, we apologize for the inconvenience
Happy birthday @TonyHenningfeld🍻 it's a great day to crank up the aperture and shoot the fuck out of a soybean field https://t.co/38oBKWqw6H
RT @ThatSabineGirl: Rocky Horror star Richard O'Brien: Trans women can't be women https://t.co/Ikua0Mg62V Oh SHUT UP, you godawful gobshite.
@wilfre1962 Buenas tardes. Sí puedes inscribir las materias, una vez se aperture el proceso entre hoy mañana sábado.
Cctv Lente 16mm F1.2, Color: Black - Material: Aluminum alloy - Focal Length: 16mm - Aperture: ···▶ https://t.co/lYDau3gYwV . #Camaras
❝Hola, le damos la bienvenida al centro computerizado de Aperture Science❞
Appetizing Aperture: Marlow's Banh Mi Chicken Wrap https://t.co/d25DOKGtd1 https://t.co/UAqRky9x1i
#Camera #Lenses #5: YONGNUO YN50mm F1.8 Standard Prime Lens Large Aperture Auto Focus Lens For Canon... https://t.co/Oc6KFlaRrI #BestBuy
RT @aziaticblack: @yessashakelley As promised EXPO CHICAGO 2016 /Dialogues: Aperture Live: On the Direct Gaze https://t.co/VUlIbjlVEG
Estos son los 10 mejores fotolibros del concurso PhotoBook Awards 2016 de Paris Photo y Aperture... https://t.co/x9qi3ZnIpk vía @xatakafoto
RT @aperturefnd: A review of @_rosegallery_'s gender non-conforming exhibition "HE/SHE/THEY" by @aliciaeler: https://t.co/g0GrHSW22f https://t.co/sCKkFEAXBY
RT @carfulofkids: Splash proof & dust proof the @panasonic is the only camera allowing you to capture 4K with F2.8 aperture with 600mm. #Lumix #CTAATL #TNTATL
aperture priority with an kit lens in low light condition yikes
RT @vv_nunada999: Тут мне кое-что нарисовали :3 #portal #art #Aperture #Portal2 https://t.co/UcEvytEuNp
reporting form. A future Aperture Science Entitlement Associate will initiate
If humans could love each other like dogs, the world would be a paradise. https://t.co/1k6axvmbmM
"The targeting laser is a remnant of old Aperture. It might turn your blood into pure gasoline for a few seconds."-- @AmericaxSoldier
@Frozenspeed not everyone will understand how hard it is. Focus + speed/aperture perfect while panning.