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@ciaranlennon were all Angela's Ashes about Dundalk and LOI, bigging up both. Was a social-history lesson framed in sports
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Angela’s ashes? Get ‘em outta here! Better to grow up rich, a bigly rich American, a very, very rich White American. #trumpbookreport
angela's ashes (1999) dir. alan parker
@mrjamesob Not quite what you mean but on the same lines is the phrase from Angela's Ashes, "He wouldn't give you the steam off his piss!"
Angela's Ashes. The Irish people in the inner cities are living in poverty. Their schools are no good. They have no jobs. #trumpbookreport
Angela's Ashes. wow. well. its a story about a nasty woman. really really nasty. maybe a 6, at best. really terrible. #TrumpBookReport
@kieran_ian is this one Angela's Ashes or am I completely off lmao
SOS!! if you're in AP Lang, you read Angela's Ashes & want to discuss the rhetoric with someone lmk!! (No one in my class read it pls help)
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@Casserly_Rock @YvonnecWhelan @Donal_OKeeffe Mum's aunt lived there. Her house was used in the movie Angela's Ashes. Fireside makeout scene!
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Sugar water not bad thanks Angela's ashes 😛
Five Best: Tyler Anbinder; Thanks, Tyler for the shout out for Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes, certainly top 5 to me
“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.” Frank McCourt, Angela's Ashes
A: Ok, so I’m buying 1984, Angela’s Ashes and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Any other recommendations? B: Prozac....
Watched Angela's Ashes today, so heartbreaking but an amazing, eye opening film❤️
No Hot Angela's Ashes #BinAMovie
I should watch Angela's Ashes again.