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@andy_shunatona come to Edmond and see your fav ex gf instead
@skzgilbert I know, I just like saying that 😂😂. Too bad it's only safe if you carry a Cuete
RT @rachaellmo: Someone have a lazy day w me tomorrow.
RT @_MUNIEE: I will make 2017 my year wait on it
Hoy, en @cosmopolitan_tv, #película "Papá por sorpresa" (Andy Fickman, 2007). De repente, padre e hija... #crítica
RT @2fourhrs: FaceTime for 30
@IAM_Stha He's the only man for the job
RT @Hells4Heroes: Andy McNab former SAS, says he is latest target of witch hunt probe into Northern Ireland.
Newberry: Triple-double no problem but Westbrook can't will win Salsa Andy Montañez - Josefina Visitenos
Last night I said Andy needed to call a designed QB run to show Alex it's ok. Alex ran for that first down (on his own!) the next play.
RT @intlspectator: BREAKING: German intelligence claims Russia is increasing aggressive cyber attacks on the country
I'm at Damasco in Centro, Guanajuato
War for the Planet of the Apes Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Andy Serkis ... via @YouTube