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RT @iQueridaSocia: Yo de bebe / yo ahora.
Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen ready for a scrap against West Ham striker Andy Carroll
Oh & of course Andy, Dan+Tom, Steve, Shaun, Will & Peter+Elle (Ale?) & Steve who came out tonight for 'culture' AND Chris (Blazer Badges).
RT @lMPAPl: to bully someone is one thing, but a handicap person? thats low as fuck and lame fr
@Andy_Matter @Deadspin Honestly, if it helped reduce the amount of micro concussions at the line, it really would have merit.
@Andy all due respect, u know nothing about hockey or the NHL ur buddy @imseanavery was cruel & disgusting to not just players but ♥️ & fans
The Black Hole of the Camera: The Films of Andy Warhol - J.J. Murphy - Google Books
RT @donvergalargajr: Le soy fiel..
I liked a @YouTube video IT Director Andy Muschietti to REMAKE Pet Sematary? – The CineFiles Ep. 39
Andy Preston's Ready to Rock Weekend 9/22-9/24
RT @ACClONPOETICA: "Eres mi persona favorita".
@M_MartinezRed @omniajen @RaisAlGhousia @Quinnqueens @CastAmerico @Andy_TFZ ↱❃↲ @omniajen ↱❃#TFZ❃↰ ↱❃↲…
またお会いできますか?    またお会いしたい。 #andy_loveletters
Hi! @btsanalytics Do you know something about the update of the idol Champ app? I haven't been able to vote for BTS…
Michigan adds four-star commit Ignas Brazdeikis to the 2018 class.
@prozdkp Do an Andy Serkis Caesar the ape impression.
RT @jancarlobg: No me deja de impresionar lo fuerte que somos México 🇲🇽😍
RT @JonathanCohn: He's like Andy Borowitz but even less funny.
RT @footywnews: Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen ready for Andy Carroll test : Carroll made his second star..
@AndrewOnDubs @tlg413 😂😂😂😂 Just let it flow andy
RT @courtney__says: about to get andy hulled w/ @Rsprake1
RT @footyawayday: Andy Halliday celebrating with the Rangers fans after winning promotion into the Scottish Premiership
RT @Todd_Spence: The photo University of Maine used to announce that Stephen King sold his first book is incredible
At the 33rd Boston Film Festival interviewing the incredible talent, Andy Biersack @andyblack…