my favorite thing ever happened *sarcasm* was my ex took my son to a filling station tried to buy beer andwhen they refused he left him cont
If I ever become a teacher I would act like Im a student and sit andwhen the class gets full and think the teacher not coming I pop out 🤗🤗😂😂
@nonleagueshow @carolinebarker Does the programme still exist? More importantly for me, are there still podcasts? If so, where andwhen, plz
why did woollim make woohyun blond and sungyeol red andwhen its comeback YALL WE HAVE NO MONEY SOZ GET THAT BLOND SUNGJONG HES HOT RIGHT
@halfdmoon ooh that!! well no one was online so no one saw it:( ill tweet it later again andwhen i redo my biasthread ill add her to my ults
@itvnews-ofcoursePhilipGreen iscriminal.Hesteals11000 pensioners savings andwhen confrontedby skynews interviewer commits assaultand battery
no offense but i have mutuals i forget who they are andwhen we became mutuals and i get so confused
i was in the middle of eating my salad andwhen i heard that lyric i FROZE
@SkyDoesTweeting so i was watching your newest vid and i was also listening to a skyrim trailer andwhen it said FUS RO Dah you laughed
Hi Remi, I downloaded ur BMF but the summary/PBT doesnt show andwhen i try to copy to another excel, it is empty cells.Pls help. Ure d best
I'm the type of girl that wud be with someone for like years andwhen they proposed to is I would be like 'idk,I'm not sure dunno if I like u
@ali_naka andwhen I say religion is nothing but a tool for mass control im labelled a devil
Andwhen you're fifteen andyour firstKiss makesyourhead spinaround,but inyourlife you'lldothings greater thandating theboy onthefootballteam
You go to sleep on new years day andwhen you wake up it's already August 23 and you are starting school. Where did it all go?
i was listening to twitching tongues andwhen the "seemed simple enough love divided, innocent eyes dont fear change" part came i nearly fell
@Clever_Network A5 pack snacks, and othertons youmight needfor theride andwhen arriving. #holidaycents
They even unbox beyblades and talk about each individual part and even weigh the parts andwhen it'scomplete
@FuckYeahGlenn where are they selling at andwhen they releasing?
@den_1234uk @liarpoliticians yeah seems to be pattern, don't attend debate andwhen vote comes either abstain or vote with gov.
Andwhen ilovedyou,I realized,i have never trulyloved anyone irealized,iwill nevertrulyloveanyone the way i love you.
When you're around someone so much, for so long, they become a part of you, andwhen they go away, you don't know who you are without them.
Another thing andWhen they hire someone I'm sure reporters will let you know... But asking everyday isn't gonna make it happen any faster