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RT @Hydronchain: 🔥NEW EVENT UPCOMİNG YOU READYY🎁 💎BUY $HYC 👇 💎 🔥Do not miss a bonus of up to 300%
RT @Bengoshi_coin: 【#弁護士コイン エアドロップ第2弾】 #エアドロップ 追加配布を開始! ◼〆切:6月25日(月)23:59 ◼対象:先着10000人 ◼枚数:10000枚 {#Airdrop 配布手順} ①本ツイートのフォロー&RT ②ディスコ…
never had tinquestion their loyalty✊🏼 thats why were blood♥️ we wouodngo through hell and back for eachother... i c…
ill tell you about it when i see you again ♥️😔
RT @yu_ichi76: 酒禁止追加されてない!
RT @NAM_FES: 6月24日NBCUniversal ANIME×MUSIC FESTIVAL~AFTER PARTY~ご来場の皆様へ ~観覧のマナーについて~ #NAM_FES #NBCフェス
.@Cardinals just work out a deal with @Rangers and take Cole Hamels, Adrian Beltre, & Jake Dierkman off their hands…
EU Blockathon in Brussels : Links team lining up! Opening speech from EU Commissioner Andrus Ansip
Когда мне говорят "Скромнее надо быть со своими запросами" хочется послать человека куда подальше. Если он хочет вс…
RT @aiceewave: wow alex and i spilled a lot of tea on facetime and shared a lot of funny stuff lol it’s been a while
@tribjazz You think the Jazz go after him? Even a summer league invite?
@tribjazz He's gotta get a two deal right?
My status is not about Jeszter Jeszie, it's about Erica Yasmin Andrus
RT @spokaneindians: Cole Uvila in his first inning of relief sets down Tri City in order in the bottom of the 3rd....1-0 Dust Devils top of 4
RT @spokaneindians: Cole Uvila strands a runner at third in the bottom of the 4th in Pasco...1-0 Tri City top of 5
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