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@UTAU_Hachuu ピョロン~ I see!ovo
RT @The100FR_: #PHOTOS Adil Zaidi, Richard et Sachin ont dévalisé Toys"r"us pour l'anniversaire d'Eliza. 🎁😂 #the100 (via instagram)
@sachin_inc @LoksattaLive may be photoshop expert is not patriotic. Send him to america.
@Sachin_bot You don't /deserve/ to be in my presence. Be gone!
Hope Pakistan feels the pain when innocent people are killed in India and #Baluchistan by Pakistan sponsored terrorism #Quetta
had super fun making this, cheers to all at Chaikhari... Sachin, Nitin, Rahul, Saurabh
RT @TendulkarGang: Yes @sachin_rt had faced many deadly & ferocious bowlers throughout his career which we don't see now in any teams attack. @SachinsLovers
My life only moves in one direction, forward #quoteoftheday #madmen
RT @CrickeTendulkar: #Last10Days! Share your videos ur memories of Sachin Tendulkar the best ones get featured in the @SachinTheFilm…
RT @aakashhindocha: Ths @iamsrk promoted @DishTV_India promises free #installation in 24hrs, & thr #technician demands #BRIBE to carry it y #stock not prfrming?
RT @IndSuperLeague: A wave for the crowd from @KeralaBlasters co-owner @sachin_rt & the stadium erupts! #GOAvKER #ISLMoments…
@karishmakotak karishma Ji aap bahut Sundar dikh rahi hai...👌 I Like you....💜
RT @SachinKaDeewana: Dont Compare Virat Kohli With Sachin Tendulkar Bcoz Rupees Can Never Be Equal To Dollars I Am also Love Kohli but Some Post.. 😑😑
RT @SachinsLovers: Yes bro 😊😊 it was an important day for all @sachin_rt fans 😊😊
RT @SachinsLovers: the same photo with fake selection news are being circulated on internet since last 3 month by @sachin_rt haters. P…
There are many such thing's which current generation won't know. It's power of Sachin Tendulkar!! @sachin_rt 🙇🙇
RT @EncapsulatdSoul: Terrorists attack 60 pakis killed ISIS We take responsibility for #Quetta Pak-India did it ISIS-But we planned it Pak-Shut up India did it.
RT @sskumar82: Childhood Memory Of Every Sachin Tendulkar Fans <3 @sachin_rt @Sachinist @CrickeTendulkar @revanthsaravan3
Whn Sachin Rockd at Wimbldn Royal Box Whn Anchor Announcd his Name The Royal Wimbldn Crowd Welcmd The God of Cricket with Huge Cheer&Chant.
RT @ankush_ks: On This Day,2001 @sachin_rt & Ganguly Made 258 Runs For Opening Partnership.15 Yrs Over!Still This Is Highest Openi…
RT @DrGPradhan: @sachin_rt after 174 ODIs – 5888 runs, 12 tons, ave 38.73 @imVkohli after 174 ODIs – 7413 runs, 26 tons, ave 52.17 God of Cricket who?
RT @TwitsOfGod: After Sachin Retired, I Still Wanted To Play More Cricket. So I Reincarnated Myself To Virat Kohli. #INDvNZ…