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Only if you sport the Agassi coiffure
.@h2oexecutive If 90s soccer is coming back, then I'm really looking forward to Nike and bringing back an Agassi re…
Andre Agassi "El odio me pone de rodillas; el amor me pone en pie."
Agassi é uma tansa
If you don't practice you don't deserve to win. -Andre Agassi
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— petugas kafe menghampiri mereka. "Maaf, Agassi, saya lupa tidak menandai bahwa lantai ini sedang dibersihkan." Jadi, Inho benar-benar —
@fathisaif07 tak perluu!! Haha. Screenshot kang
@fathisaif07 belum tihi. An balik esok.
RT @peerasut_poom: ความเกลีดชัง ทำให้ฉันล้มลง ความรัก ฉุดฉันให้ยืนขึ้น - Andre Kirk Agassi 🎾 #movietwit…
Agassi 😭😭😭💕
Agassi!!!! ❤
What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose. -Andre Agassi
Ontem me intrometi numa conversa de bar para corrigir um erro histórico: um cara tava falando que o Nadal nunca jogou contra o Agassi. 🙄🙄🙄
ジャパンカップ2014公式スポンサーの「ロンジン」って 世界第五位の売上高を誇る高級時計メーカーって知っていましたか? 男子プロテニス界で長年活躍した「アンドレ・アガシ」も着用。 #tennis #USOpenTennis [CNN]In 2010, Nadal became only the second man after Andre Agassi to complete the career Go…