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Indahnya Dunia - Andien #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [12:05 wib]
#quote It's never too late to start doing the right thing.
Indahnya Dunia - Andien #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [07:57 wib]
@Demi5kg Ini andien bukan cantiku 😍😍😍
RT @celtics: Kyrie's just too much for one guy to handle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
#quote Don’t compare your new relationship with your old ones, that’s unfair to your new partner and a disaster waiting to happen.
RT @tofurose: Imagine marrying a man who pushes mongo on his way to say “I do”
When tf is donald trump gonna get killed? I expected it to happen sooner
RT @NathanLerner: Congratulations to Donald Trump -Longest shutdown -Highest rate of staff turnover -Most days golfing -Largest corp…
RT @notjustamonth: Hi @McDonalds can you take a look at this video and do something about an employee using the N word towards a custo…
#quote When you learn how much you're worth, you'll stop giving people discounts.
@askmenfess Semua lagunya teh reza, sinaran - sheila majid, lagunya mama vina panduwinata - cinta, rindu ini - warn…
@_andien_a4 I ain’t c it in time
ANDIEN,congratulations!Daily log in for 4 days and gat 500K chips for the reward.Come to play together.
@astridsiregar Then again, aku bukan follower andien sih jd aku gatau segencar apa dia promosiin gaya parenting dia lol
@astridsiregar Kn keliatan dr byknya postingan2 yg kayanya validitasnya patut dipertanyakan tp di share ribuan org…
@astridsiregar Knp Andien? Dia emg kasih makan sblm bayinya 6 bulan?
@g7mxd6 andien 01L yak kita doakan agar dimudahkan kak inn AAMIN
Semoga sampai seterusnya ya Tuhan. Aamiin
It was such a great experience It was a great event The Rumble Piloxing. Piloxing Knockout team in action lead…
#quote The world doesn't end just because you don't get what you want. Life goes on. Keep moving on.