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#quote God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains, it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf World.
Hem cowok polos,bahan berkualitas tentunya Deskripsi: Bahan: wool premium Size: M-L-XL Warna motif sesuai gambar…
RT @uktiing: this nigga tweeted instead of telling her face to face...
RT @CaliMusicPlug: From the Bay to LA! SOBxRBE teamed up with Shoreline Mafia to make some new mandatory CA listening! You already kno…
RT @balenciaglo: I FINALLY FOUND IT 😭🤣💀
RT @WOYOOii: Her: “talk nasty to me” Me:
#quote Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
RT @christina_iv_xx: This world is so fucking crazy ! Drug needs stuck into the socks intended to poke someone. This was at zumiez arden…
RT @TaeNubis: women: i only like men 6’5 and up men: *silence* men: i only like women 160lbs and less women: YOU FAT SHAMING L…
RT @xxANTI24k: Had to pull up flexin on these niggas for the one time 🤫😈💯
@FreddyBernal no hay medicnas no hay nasda ,, el aguaa ,, gas todo es un problemaa ,,no hay efectivoo todo caroo ,,…
Indahnya Dunia - Andien #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [23:13 wib]
RT @911_community: Yellow 991.2 GT3 RS 😋🤙🏼🍃 IG : jd_oversteer
RT @EidolonFox: Australia what in the actual fuck
RT @KsAffair: School weird for making niggas drink Milk wit a hamburger
RT @itsrjhill: So wtf was niggas eating before?
Kenapa lagu andien - puisi gak ada di spotify
Ungu Feat. Andien - Saat Bahagia | VC Trinity lewat @YouTube
RT @deathrockstar: Jadiin Jumat mu lbh asoy *Andien* "Warna-warna" (feat. Tomorrow People Ensemble) => *Dhi…
Warna Warna (feat. Tomorrow People Ensemble) by Andien —
#quote Why waste your time getting hurt over and over by the same person when there’s someone else out there waiting to make you smile.
rambut kyungsoo kayak kawa anaknya andien gmn dong????