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The surface was democracy but in fact anarchy ruled & the family @3nach9 #HBwahl @weserkurier #Groko @HBBuergerschaft #Daesh @Jerusalem_Post
@anasuto_no1 もっと困らせ続けます
"I who want to be free cannot be because all the men around me do not yet want to be free,"
@noririnLPS まだまだやったるでー!٩( 'ω' )و
@erobere sons of anarchy 😍
RT @SonsofAnarchy: The Mayans M.C. is back in business. #SoA spinoff pilot announced:
@TAKANYxEMN 校長!!あざーすっ!!
@Fairuzzgurlz tak la..private company..nk apply bank yg same kene kat ofis😅
Sons of Anarchy’nin spin-off dizisi geliyor!
@hI6sHi_0131 おっ!(´∀`)やったー!!
@Fairuzzgurlz 2 ayer keroh 1 batu berendam
@Anarchy_rebel そうなんですかー??
"Anarchy in the UK" track from "The Entire History of Punk" album by Various Artists #nowplaying
RT @hanyoungae2013: 세상은 예나 지금이나 쓰러지지 않고 부러지지 않는 이들이 있기에 존재합니다 이 땅의 아이들도 먼 훗날 그런 생각을 하게끔 우리모두 버텨야겠죠 " 제발 조율 한번 해주세요 " 광화문에 노래기도 하러 갑니다
@Anarchy_rebel 瑛さんのWEAR素敵ですもんね
@anarchy_jap パンク麺さんありがとうございます🌟 今年もラーメンたくさん 食べようと思います(っ`•ω•´c)
@Fairuzzgurlz hahaha mane ade tipu..3 sekali sy apply
RT @pistolsofficial: This day in Sex Pistols history... December 3rd 1976. The Anarchy Tour - the band's first real tour - is due to sta…
PR4枚で+1か まあ気長にいこう
RT @SexPistolsUK: #SexPistols: Anarchy in the UK and the tour they tried to ban - BBC ... - BBC News
RT @GrantonPaul: Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the UK and the tour they tried to ban -