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RT @0621_syouya: ケータイ見つからないから、iPhone7買いました👍 でも。前のケータイ戻ってきて欲しいんで、白フクロウ前らへんにあると思うんで、あったらお願いします!!
@aimeeahmad hahahaha..tak penah tgk pn la aimee sbb tau die tiru runningman menyampah terus
RT @fasiranjha: If u still support IK then you are supporting anarchy and chaos. Then either you need Medical Help or You don't care about your country!
@lord_anarchy nope my life is a big joke 😂👌🏼
RT @hoistingmysail: .@sutterink Which Series Pushed More Boundaries: The Walking Dead or Sons Of Anarchy? #SOA
amo demais a trilha sonora de sons of anarchy
acabei de terminar o ultimo ep de Sons Of Anarchy, eu não tenho palavras pra descrever o quanto eu to triste
@Jebat_anarchy Ain star dalam 'Lari' lah 😔
Kau nk aku cc pdrm?hahahaha
mean what you say and say what you mean
@aimeeahmad ain mane?hahahaha..tau azwan ali je
@amierakyra @Jebat5saudara hahahaha..rodokkan payung khaira dlm mulut die
@Jebat_anarchy Tapi Ain tu comel sangat.
@Jebat_anarchy @Jebat5saudara A'ah la. Die la sape lagi. Mcm tenuk tuduh2 org. Payung pulak tu. 😏
آدرس رادیو آنارشی در ساوندکلاود
RT @MaizaHameed: PM Nawaz on way to Quetta n insensitive #PTI chief is busy preps for anarchy. diff btw leader n saboteur so obvious #QuettaAttack
@lukasulic Love the anarchy/bicycle symbol, too. 😏
NOW PLAYING -- Suicidal Tendencies -- "Institutionalized" on Anarchy Radio LISTEN NOW at
RT @dmawhinney1592: The stated goal was to create “anarchy” around Trump, presumably to make him less appealing to American voters. #ProjectVeritas
😂😂😂 okay good, its not just me
@amierakyra @Jebat5saudara yg duduk master room tu ke😂😂😂
T. A. Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism - Hakim Bey via @hermeticlibrary
#Anarchism: Fifteen Years of Occupation: Afghanistan Since the Invasion: 7 October 2016 marks the fi... #Anarchy