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@shanaleib @byronjreyes that is why I am dating an Italian ;)
Isaac Newton, born Beatrice Isaac Goddard, was an Italian Baroque painter, today considered one of the team which developed software (1/2)
I really want to get an A on an Italian test, but B's are okay..
@thickSLICING Uou seem triggered. Is "Slicing" an Italian name?
Win an Italian Lunch for Two at Ambrosia Ristorante
RT @love_belfast: Win an Italian Lunch for Two at @ambrosiabelfast 🇮🇹 RT and Click 2 courses £7.95 , 3 cou…
Win an Italian Lunch for two at Il Gusto
RT @love_belfast: Fancy winning an Italian Lunch for two at @IlGustoBelfast? 🇮🇹 RT and Click
here is an Italian-Malaysian. hahaha
@thechew Mario as child I live in Vicenza an Italian grandmother took care of me and she make a dish like lasagna but no pasta a Swiss chard
Being Italian and having an Italian family who always cooks the best homemade meals is the worst when uour trying to cut carbs 😅😂
RT @inLOMBARDIA: Experience the flavors of an Italian getaway #inLombardia. Dig in with #SaporeinLombardia 🍴
RT @spiveyjm: Lease an Italian cutey. Get in touch for a personalised quote! #sheffieldissuper #doncasterisgreat…
@DanielApplebaum who can tell a Tunisian and an Italian apart?
RT @spratt_11: *growing up in an italian family* "dinner will be ready at 6!" *its currently 7:30 and dinner still isn't ready*
@saldivarmarissa @nicoleacton6 @GManzur5 *Glory at an Italian restaurant, sees Bolognese on the menu*: "This spaghetti has bologna!? Ew!"
plan "convince dad to let me buy an italian greyhound" is not workinG
As an Italian American U find @SUBWAY stereotype laden as highly offensive. #Subway #Italianpride #racist #Fakechicken
update #2: found my second choice but it was custom made for an italian fashion show so I'm probably gonna wear sweats to prom k
Quiz: Only An Italian American Can Define These 13 Words. Can You?
@LeKekSJ When you see an Italian meme
@iFunnyChef I bet it was an Italian meme gif. Don't blame em.
RT @FreeMemesKids: An Italian sniper taking position on the roof of a Nazi's house during the World War II. (1944, colorized)