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@justin_johnn boars head is bangin! There's an Italian deli in Redlands that uses boars head
RT @AdoptaPitrescue: My name is Florence! I'm an Italian pit bull! (Just kidding!) I'm a beautiful blue and gold brindle pit bull...
@pj_brew do I need to wipe the screen I read this tweet on with disinfectant? Asking for an Italian sounding vegetable.
RT @KathyMoRo: @PhilaTMH #GuestChef Phila Contributionship making an Italian pasta feast
I'm still an Italian brother even if I'm never noticed! #Sebobot
"New game plan: get the ball to an Italian"
There is something in the air. Is it the upcoming #winter with a long awaited #Elfstedentocht, an Italian…
RT @callmekamel: Gaga looks like an Italian widow tonight
@KimGavinHQ welcome from an italian guitar lady who met u till "seven and the ragged tour" TT fan too till 1994! Thanks for your work💕
So I was walking around the electronics with a bag of oranges and an Italian sub. Really explains me
RT @VealMadeEasy: An all-American classic gets an #Italian makeover! Try this Milanese Philly Cheesesteak recipe from @daringgourmet…
RT @GloTIMETV_: #competition #win an Italian Meal for 4 worth up to £300 #Food #italianfood RT & F…
RT @cnandco: An Italian lunch with the awesome Willis Re SA team. Buon appetito!😁 @Rikuskok1 @RobSaffa @giangitucci
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel on The Plateau @iradiophilly - Listen #nowplaying
RT @LondonGatewayUK: Did you know, @cmacgm's Amerigo Vespucci is named after an Italian explorer and navigator? 🌏
RT @davidmcw: Morning from Rome! What odds an Italian election upset on Dec 4th?
Are you an #OliveOil consumer? If you wish real stuff directly from an Italian producer, look no further than here…
RT @anbayanyay: @FreeMilo99 @SwiftOnSecurity @PwnParrot @d_seaman is going on like a psychotic, making up an Italian menu to perv dictionary. It's bizarre.
i stand by my statement 'Patchouli Knowledge' sounds like an italian pastry of some kind
RT @AliceJane2016: My favorite burger & invented by an Italian, wow! Thank you!
@dusch13 The Ferrari horse was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, an Italian pilot during World War…
RT @EmmahTweets: *at an italian bar with an acoustic guitar*This ones for all my mama mias amd papa pia’s tonight
when i die they will remember me as the guy who went to an italian resturant wearing a mario costume