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RT @timesofindia: Kansas shooting raises fears with local Indian-Americans via @TOIIndianAbroad
RT @ChalNikalOye: When you ask abt toilet from an Indian.
Press US for action in Indian engineer's killing: Yechury
RT @kachra_peti: Indian cricket team's batting performance during this match. #IndvAus
RT @attitudeson: Omg @iLopamudraRaut looks lke a True South Indian Beauty😍.Star is Born 🌟🌠n is gonna take d world by storm…
Indian BSF kills mentally ill woman near SialkotAaj Tv
RT @Krittivasm: His Numero Zero, centred on a newspaper funded by a meddling tycoon, somewhat reflects the goings-on in Indian media
No it must stay close until afghani govt n agencies stop being indian whores.
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@realDonaldTrump a redneck white trash killed an Indian engineer and yelled "get out of my country" . Speak about that you dipshit! 😡
RT @AAOLion: Nice to see,Humanism Still Persists, At Least for Personnel in Extreme-Grieves. -
RT @JamilSmith: The widow of an Indian immigrant murdered in an apparent hate crime wants answers from the Trump administration.
RT @zorket: Zorket's #beachwear: Elegant #swimsuit in Indian style 👙 . Best Price + Free #Shipping Worldwide🌏
RT @nytimes: The Kansas shooting, which left one Indian man dead and another injured, escalated into an international incident
I liked a @YouTube video How to play mind on flute very important lesson tutorial begginers indian hindi
@dadhichilimbol1 @vikrantgupta73 I think Indian batsman are not able to play on turning tracks even records show us the same
RT @TellMamaUK: Man shouting 'get out of my country' shoots Indian engineer dead:
RT @lexi4prez: Man yells "get out of this country" before shooting two innocent Indian Engineers. Wow.
RT @dwivedi_ji12: Indian Cricket team is collapsing faster than No. Of bomb blast in Pakistan #IndiavsAust
RT @CNNnews18: #KansasShooting: Meet Ian Grillot, the man who tried to save Indian engineer
RT @NickKristof: The kind of terrorism that doesn't always get much attention: White guy in Kansas bar shoots 2 Indian engineers