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RT @Gustavo0Pereira: Cuando me agarran el celular sin permiso...
My theme song? *Extremely KD Lang voice* Constant anxieeeeeeeeety 🎶
RT @ArabPysch: تمرين الابتسامة.. مقطع رائع في علم النفس (مترجم)
aahhh fui marcar cardiologista nao consegui marcar com o Amil em Brasilia, vou confiar em Deus e se ele quiser que eu morra que seja
RT @shamyabutler1: i want attention, someone give me attennntionnnnnn:(
RT @arzumuzun: Hayat Bilgisi'ni yeniden çekip birce akalay'ı afet inan, ufuk özkan'ı amil müdürüm yapmak kimin parlak fikriydi?
RT @picklipse: 배운사람이 제일 읎어보일 때 = 배운거갖다 자기변명에 쓸때
@samir_amil 😂😂😂😂😂😂
RT @dimaris_123: Nunca falta el aguacero cuando lavo el carro 🙃
@dvmefuego bruv we ain't even get to hit up that joint smh
RT @Tresonit1: Size 11.5 black cement 3. Taking offers. $5 to retweeter when item sells @SCOOP208 @Deadlaced @max_amil @Lil_matt49…
I hope everybody gets dressed for character day so I won't be in class looking like an asshole
RT @ToooLord: Move October 29th, hmp/dms for more details or info.
RT @TCHS2017: If you're not dressed as a character tomorrow, YOU'RE A LAME!!!
for some strange reason, i wanna remake the video of "can i get a.." - growing up i swore i was amil in that video. knew the whole dance lol
RT @nabiltherich: Halloween Move Oct 29 Hit dm or text for info
i will be shooting @ one of the best parties in the DMV this weekend
tingz been hectic on this side, but this what i was made for
@finegorod we def gotta link when things slow down for me
Hapvida com odonto incluso! Corram e aproveite! Hapvida com odonto incluso, Amil e smile. Planos completos,...
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