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@iam_IGBO American dad ain't shit compared to Lucas bros moving co.
dad always gave me shit about the most inconsequential things like eating too much American food like does it really matter
RT @shelbygrad: Incredibly preceptive essay on illegally immigration & truly becoming an American. Meet @hbecerraLATimes's dad
@JeSuisRalph ur dad is jap american, ur mom china french, ur step mom white jew, ur brother is mixed jap china french, ur jap china american
RT @Welly_World: Why do Democrats find it so "hard to believe" that American's don't want a President that is Anti-American?
American dad. What if it was like American frog or some shit
currently watching American Dad
Estoy volviendo a ver American Dad y me estoy hinchando a reir, puta serie de mierda!!!
I woke up @ 5 and started watching American dad bc I couldn't sleep. Now I wish all I could do is sleep
@realDonaldTrump No path to citizenship unless your mom or dad are American. Isn't is fair? Everyone pouring in to become US citizen. Wrong!
is chris' dad from fear twd maori or???? he looks maori why doea he have an american accent
RT @PapayaPuchi: Currently Archer, American Dad, science fiction movies, and documentaries.
@kabudelz Southpark > Family Guy > The Simpsons > American Dad 😂
Currently Archer, American Dad, science fiction movies, and documentaries.
American Dad American Dad - Stop - T-shirt - Homme
Corine looks like the mum in American Dad #thebachelor #9thebachelor
Gossip girl and American dad
RT @ColtonJ253: I need a girl that will do dabs and watch American Dad with me at 4am
American Dad Stagione 12 Ep 2 ITA Parte 2: tramite @YouTube
@richeisen @maggieNYT it's not about being republican or democrat, it's about being American and having common fucking sense! Wake up all!!!
American Dad Stagione 12 Ep 2 Parte 1: tramite @YouTube
so I finished bobs burgers, family guy, the Cleveland show, and American dad. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
recently discovered that American Dad is funny asf