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RT @GlennyRodge: Like my dad, I often confuse american and british english. I guess I'm a crisp off the old distance along a street between two intersections
@TPM as slippery slimy as the trout this 'good American, lovin husband, proud dad'-yuk- likes to catch. The most dangerous to stitch up US
skipping class to watch American dad is probs the best decision I'll make all week
American dad is my show fam
@SteffiHorigome Hoffentlich macht der Spacko der Steve spricht bald weiter, sonst ist American Dad auch tot...
@FirstKnivesClub according to American Dad they were all gay
RT @WinWinStudios: American Dad is waay better than family guy by a long shot. I wish more people would realize that
Why does Roger from American Dad reckon he can do that to a child. Burst his head.
American Dad’s move from flimsy satire to animated greatness in 10 steps
A staple when my dad fished in Clearwater bay
Mega mind head ass, roger off american dad head ass😂
American dad Francine Smith and Steve Smith Hope you enjoy.
Me gustó un video de @YouTube Cameo de American Dad (Padre de Familia, Español Latino)
I don't understand people who like American Dad better than Family Guy.
@seanspicer @PressSec I just feel sorry for his kids. "What does your dad do for a living?" "Oh, he lies to the Ame…
It's shameful to see @repdavetrott actively working against his constituents. Please vote him out mom and dad!!
watchin American Dad i seen this episode like 6 times lol
When he said, "R.I.P. alien from Family Guy." but he was actually referring to Roger from American Dad 😂😩💔
@MiinkyBoodle his dad was called The American Dream & Cody is a bad guy & is The American Nightmare now.
@EricTrump @trumpwinery Remember what your dad (the President said? Buy American Hire American. Many out of work Americans would work 4 U