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@Blowmeforfun gallina? La única gallina nació en 1913 se llama peñarol. Perdio 5 finales de América 2 del mundo y más clásicos de atrás!
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Happy Thanksgiving And Celebrate Democracy In America #news
@WSJ Oh how I wish I could just change 1 word in that headline "Advertisers Search For Middle America", 2 Advertisers Search 4 Middle Earth
RT @debsellsslc: @realDonaldTrump reaching out 2 adversaries shows what a great leader he is, will be 4 #America 2 unite our country…
#ethanol & #biofuels expansion, investment and trade in Argentina and the rest of Latin America. 2 weeks to go!
new digital tech has brought western music 2 Asian/African/Latin reverse,music frm Asia,Africa & Latin America 2 the west #BFMA8
@TIME Unfort US´ll prob be punished fort elected a compl incomp president choosing priv life prio 1 America 2 World leaders´resp sinking
RT @smcslothsloth: @EricLiptonNYT There are sketchy, improper and corrupt on-goings in highest office in the land. Sad, dangerous times in America. 2/2
RT @moumeketrefe: Sol de América 2-1 Olimpia. Se lesionó willy, nos duele a todos, hasta el final firme!!!
How Marketing Is Evolving in Latin America #brand #networking
RT @tishalozano: We've known that. The division justifies/fuels the offensive of their Death Cult. 1/2 of America 2 ignorant 2 see t…
Paraguay Torneo Clausura Fecha 18 Sol de América 2 vs Olimpia 1 Julián Benítez (O) Ernesto Álvarez (SdA) Ariel Estigarribia (SdA)
@OpulentNeptune I'm up over here in America 2:23 AM EST. So yes I can confirm this is the real life, not fantasy, and caught in a landslide.
RT @nochaseno: Captain America 2: The Winter Best Marvel Movie There Will Ever Be Soldier
@bfraser747 Thanks To Obama he hates America 2 more months of Obama is disastrous
RT @BrunoPont: Buena noticia para el hincha de #Sol. Escuchá el gol de Pinti Álvarez y Ariel Estigarribia