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RT @memeprovider: John Legend performing at the Oscars (2017)
**AMBER ALERT issued by Mississippi Bureau of Investigation**
RT @eigahiho: 第89回 #アカデミー賞 複数受賞作品 『ラ・ラ・ランド』6部門 『ムーンライト』3部門 『ハクソー・リッジ』2部門 『マンチェスター・バイ・ザ・シー』2部門 #Oscars #HIHOnews
RT @GingerDuckett1: BIG SALE Faux Amber necklace Vintage Gold by GingersLittleGems via @Etsy
Literally gagged at that heel turn by the #Oscars2017
RT @jacklynnflores: Hate overthinking
Custom handcrafted amber pendant with silver crafted chain, authentic Nordic Contact Pia
RT @America_1st_: Whistleblower Amber Lyon describes how CNN works.
RT @amberjliupics: Amber is having a good time in LA ❤
@JohnStamos I think it's funny 😂 #Oscars
'I Found' by Amber Run is amazing and everyone should stop what they are doing right now to listen to it.
Huge bummer. Also, Casey is not likely very unique in this. Willing to bet a lot of people's heroes have similar sk…
RT @SkizzyMars: consistently inconsistent
RT @ICHIGOU7143: ドラえもんの新作映画のポスターものすごくカッコ良い、キャッチコピーもグッと来るな