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RT @Liliana_tito: Un homme et un microphone - Nekfeu
@ohh_amber_ But you can't undo today. Never.
RT @RSBDramaUnitNew: Doc David naman kasi, ang dami daming babae dyan! Andyan naman si Amber, siya nalang please! #ArawGabiRevenge
Tokyo Toni is on Amber's case now
@LisaJab311 @311 @NickHexum @pnut I was at 311 Day 2014 and they didn't play Amber or Down lol Last night was awesome!
RT @mcdanielsara: Super excited about this collection curated by Dr. Sharroky Hollie with @validateaffirm! #CCRTL…
RT @amberxkrystal: Amber - Three Million Years 외치자 엠버는 신이다
RT @tcmpub: Bring the joy of independent reading to new readers with My Words Readers! Students will learn to recognize the mos…
RT @janeliedeato09: Hinanap ni Amber nung may narinig siya na parang may umuungol kung saan...👀 #JaneOineza #ArawGabiAdrianDiscovers…
RT @sufxbr: [INSTAGRAM] 15.08.18 | Story da Amber “Eu realmente amo isso”
RT @AAMBER_gto: Activación de la Alerta AMBER Guanajuato de la menor Mary Carmen López Pérez, 16 años de edad, Guanajuato, Gto. ¡Ay…
RT @SHARP_JP: @siro24634983 シャープ「今年の夏やばくないっすか兄さん」 ダイキン「ほんそれ酷暑どころか酷使や」
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RT @siro24634983: シャープとダイキン 室外機同士で会話しているように見えるのは 私だけでしょうか? #室外機
RT @cruzlauramae: Blessed is Happiness for having Amber and Mariz HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
RT @arnovanhove: Je zal altijd mijn favoriete melding zijn
Amber dan Krystal sangat dekat dan memiliki hubungan persaudaraan yang kuat dan mereka juga sangat suka bercanda.