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@multiplebears Hey just letting you know you're amazeballs and those ppl are rubbish and should not be allowed to be ur boss.
RT @lmoorescmj: What an amazing night!!! Thank you so much @cboiofficial and @gregbeardsell for a fantastic experience! #amazeballs
RT @TerryTyler4: Shelley from @rosieamber1 #RBRT reviews the totes amazeballs THE DEAD CITY by @dylanjmorgan @ShelleyWilson72 #SciFi
@jasper_briones may video ako! Napiyok siya bes i think may sakit siya pero gitry niya parin kumanta! Amazeballs! Grabe goosebumps ko 😍😁
Zootopia #nw amazeballs πŸ™Œ
Ahhhhhh the #people at #BurningMan are amazeballs... i mean a festival where the punters create…
The Fantastic Four is made up of these characters: Rocq Guy, Hot Johnuy, See-Through Lady, and Mr. Amazeballs.
@ErinFitzgerald For someone "bad" at first-person shooters, you're still amazeballs at Overwatch. 😊
We're struggling to see the amazeballs in GraphQL today. Looks useful/interesting...but is it really the future of the internet?
@CapitalEastMids that's the one I've been waiting for #senorita πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ amazeballs #CapitalThrowback today!
Bday was amazeballs Madrid came through kateam ikalishwa mjuol what a time to be alive
My 2014 resolution is to remove "amazeballs" from my vocabulary and replace it with "greatdesticles." Time tolgrow up.