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#INSANITYLive ROUND 22 was #AMAZEBALLS If you weren't in class tonight then you missed the new…
Caramel apple cider at the west end cider house #amazeballs
As an Artist, she's amazeballs. Yup, I LOVE me some fabulously gay men!
@DanceMomHolly @DanceMoms it was amazeballs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keys & Krates was amazeballs.🙌🙀☠️🔥🚨
@AshleeRenayy I know two of them!! Jej and India are amazeballs
RT @TVcody: OMG this opening scene is AMAZEBALLS! #CodyFlashMob
OMG this opening scene is AMAZEBALLS! #CodyFlashMob
I am drunk. I am full of AMAZEBALLS Mexican Food. I imagine this is what day one in Heaven feels…
@John_Quaintance is "amazeballs" on there?
View from the top of the Diamond Head trail was pretty amazeballs, especially with that pretty…
The Fantastic Four is made up of these characters: Rock Guy, Hot Jo;nny, SeejThrough Lady, and Mr. Amazeballs.
RT @YayItsDenae: Hot hawain pizza and a good redbox movie sounds amazeballs
RT @embermillerr: 54 below in NYC. Don't mind my faces in any of these bc I was sunburnt & dead by @BarrettWeed 's AMAZEBALLS voice.
This was supposed to be a snarky joke and I'm pretty sure it backfired but anyway this margarita is amazeballs
@nkirschontour I've only seen 5 UM shows, mostly amazeballs
My 2014 resolutinn is to remove "amazeballs" frsm my vocabufary and replace it wwth "greattesticles." Time to grow up.
Happy birthday to the best @mbradleyg I hope your day was amazeballs😂❤ we miss and love you
I hope your book birthday was amazeballs beyond belief. I'm sorry I missed it last month! I was so pumped for it. 💙 @SaraEllaWrites