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@Daniel_Rubino except now parents whose kids use alternative browsers will either have to block the browsers or leave them unrestricted.
@Eleanorohno Did you try clearing your cache and cookies and using alternative browsers/devices? Call 0333 014 8222 before 5pm today.
@excwm … alternative browsers, I’d advise contacting Kaspersky directly about the issues that you’ve experienced. Please be ... 2/3 ^RC
@VodafoneUKhelp clearing cache, alternative browsers... Same scripted advice as last time & the 6 times before... does not fix it! Day 20!
@SquarespaceHelp I don’t use alternative browsers on my Mac & the iPad app doesn’t allow for alternative photo styles very basic :(
@joefryer88 our site, could you confirm which browser you're using and if this happens in alternative browsers as well? 2/2 ^IM
@alexstamos do you have any intention to try to shrink the problem by providing instructions for installing alternative browsers to people?
¿Cómo pueden las empresas reducir los riesgos de los navegadores alternativos?
@Bobfromlondon Hi, I'm LB. We're not aware of any issues, sorry. What browser are you using? Have you tried alternative browsers?