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I need a prom dress to barrow if anyone has a small with d cup dress. Dm me please
RT @daisymarquez_: I can stay in bed and watch Netflix all day
So I actually decided to walk into the gym smiling and laughing, and some guy told me he really liked my shirt and I feel flattered 😛
En algún momento mi queridísima amiga Alondra me va a contestar algún tweet😂
RT @mich1869: Julieta,alondra y Michel las 3x2800 envíen What solo interesados para agendar 8113929273 @Escorts_Mty2017…
I'm so proud of Alondra. Idk anyone that deserves that scholarship more than her
RT @Nahjia_: C'mon now. You cannot tell me these were not the best freshmen line ups 😅 #XXLFreshman
RT @YG: Never 4get what made you who you are tho!
RT @Natasha40474783: Mis amores ahora disponible solo manfame un MD soy alondra... 😄
RT @awrelys: Alondra, Victoria, Ximena y Liz. DISPONIBLES HOY. Info por MD a VALIDADOS. Monterrey, NL.
@CNCOmusic saluditos desde México x2. 😂 tan cerca pero tan lejos al mismo tiempo 😭😂💔
RT @JeerryyD: I wish I was a morning person
RT @DIYOutfits: "so when you get your nose pierced..." 😭😂