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RT @yareryyy: i use to be love drunk but now i'm hungover
alondra is shaking in her adidas shoes 😳
RT @duhitzmark: like for a dm!! new YouTube video GO CHECK IT OUTTTT❤️
Muchas felicidades Alondra Campanita Styles
Love my avi lol
RT @esalazar1028: Hate people that show off their money. Like money comes n goes.
When Alondra can't make any plans smh @AlondraMachado
There are so many ways to my heart honestly 😂
Que haremos hoy 🎉🎉
RT @glofuI: You destroyed me and I apologized.
RT @publiescortven: Dejate envolver por las chicas de @agencialamadame . Samantha Nakary Deborah Alondra contactos al 04168312590
sexy lolita alondra bj and sex in car
RT @rguesone: name a more iconic trio.... i'll wait
Having dinner at @PappasitosTXMEX and I already have drinks from the bar as we waited so we ordered chile con queso BUT NO CHIPS 😩 wtf?!
RT @girlposts: #WomensMarch Republicans: "Democrats need to suck it up, we weren't protesting when Obama won 2 terms" Also Repub…
i have so much drive in me, i'm looking forward to the amazing future i'm building for myself!
RT @Esunbreakable: Una amiga es aquella que te soporta enamorada, triste, indispuesta, obsesionada, contenta y hasta de mal humor.
RT @neptunes: alondra's future wedding 😻😻
Vegeta, mai luv, yo te hago otro Trunks.