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RT @iamblackbear: emotionally unavailable
RT @saimaloveee: all guys do is lie all guys do is lie all guys do is lie all guys do is lie all guys do is lie
RT @CamaraChamp: estoy harto de que me digan alan, siempre quise llamarme Alondra
RT @Drebae_: Niggas play games, hurt you mentally & emotionally & then try to make you seem like you're the bad person for decid…
RT @LAMERAPlJA: I hate stressing
RT @girlposts: look how happy these cows are when seeing grass after being 6 months indoors
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@alondra_arciga Yo también espero que no me de un colapso 😣😭 Jajaja. Pero hay que echarle ganas 😉
RT @JassmineBriann: I'm not petty I'm dead ass disrespectful 😂
it's October so I had a right
@alondra_1237 it's our first amendment. If they don't like what you said it's their problem.
RT @pinchealitzel: Tu mcm espera que le prepares un plato como su mamá
RT @Calisbest4: Alondra and i are going to fucking crush every other couples dreams at escape 😏
RT @Forever_SHINee: [Starcast] Naver Starcast site update - with SHINee 161020 - (23P) -
RT @rittaa_x: Me and Alondra are petty asf
Quiero terminar la alondra por qué me choca dejar cosas a medias pero ya me desespera
RT @elyseclee: There's more to life than DPhiE, but I chose to make DPhiE a part of my life. -Cheli 💜💛🦄
Me vio antes de entrar a clases, estando ya en clase me mando esto, es lo más lindoooooo.😍
RT @nathaliaaa03: i'm not gonna beg for anyone to be in my life, if you wanna leave then BYEE
@alondra_1237 don't even sweat what you said, it wasn't that serious to begin with, you are free to say your opinion